Every year, MyBalloonFiesta brings together the best in hot air ballooning for us to experience, and next year will be no different.

2020 will be the festival’s 11th year in Malaysia, to be held once again in Putrajaya.
Excited? The details are as follows:
Dates: 19 – 22 March 2020
Time: 7am – 9pm
Venue: Monumen Alaf Baru, Precinct 2, Putrajaya
The fair is free to enter, but additional activities may cost money. Some areas are special access and require tickets, which go on sale from this 27 December.
The Warhol-style poster matches the colourful theme of the event.
There will be 20 hot air balloons from nearly a dozen countries, including Brazil, America and of course, Malaysia. You can see a mix of tethered and free-flying balloons, and observe their take-offs up close and personal.
Not enough thrill for you? You can even ride one, getting a rare bird’s eye view of Putrajaya!
The fair has something for everyone in the family. There will be a special display full of unique and unusual designs, as well as a “Night Glow” event in the evenings, where the balloons will be brilliantly lit up.
Children will enjoy watching the brightly coloured balloons dotting the sky and playing in the bouncy castle, while adults can go shopping or learn more about the complexities of hot air ballooning.
If you want something personal to remember the day by, there are workshops where you can make and take home your own souvenirs!
Food will be sold at a variety of stalls throughout the day, so you don’t have to leave the fair halfway through the fun. Get more info and updates at