After the songs “Semua Sudah”, “Police Entry” and “Knock Knock”, popular singer and actress Elizabeth Tan has returned with her new single titled “Shh”, which has now been watched over 1.1 million times since its release this 6 December.

What’s interesting about the latest song from the “Misteri Dilaila” actress is that “Shh” incorporates parts of the folk song “Lenggang Kangkung”.
Though the song still has those folk elements, the melody is more upbeat and modern to keep up with the current R&B pop landscape.
This song was entirely created by two well-known Malaysian producers, Ezra Kong and Hael Husaini.
This isn’t the first time the three of them have collaborated. In fact, their first song together was “Police Entry”, which was also inspired by a children’s nursery rhyme.
Besides singing, Elizabeth, or Lizzy as she prefers, is also active in the acting world. She will be appearing in three new films, “Escape”, “Sekolahaha”, and “Abang Long Fadil 3”, coming out soon.
For those who want to listen to Lizzy’s new song, “Shh”, watch the video below!
(Photo source: Elizabeth Tan)