It’s a rocky return for Rockaway Festival as fans continue to pepper the team behind it with questions regarding their yet-to-be-announced lineup for next year’s edition, despite them already starting to sell the tickets for it since last week.

You know things are serious when it’s not just the fans that are questioning the absence of a performers’ list.
Butterfingers frontman Emmett has also left an Instagram comment that stated, “I would not buy nasi lemak if I don’t know what sorta lauk they put in. So why would anyone in the right frame of mind buy tickets to a concert they don’t know who’s playing in? Come on”.
While there are fans who supported the singer, whose band performed at the 2016 edition of the festival, it seems that there are many more who do not share the same notion – because VIP tickets are all sold out now.
That’s right, about a week since the ticket sales started, the most expensive tickets – priced at RM178 each – have all been snatched up by fans, without them knowing who they’ll even be watching live at the upcoming event.
To be fair, VIP ticket holders also get to access the Rock Zone, which is closer to the stage.

Touted as Malaysia’s largest rock festival, Rockaway Festival’s official website stated that it “has boasted 51,000 rockers, 92 artists, 11 shows, 5 festivals over the past ten years.”

It returns next year with Rockaway 2020, set to be held at the following time and place:
Dates: 14 & 15 March 2020 (Saturday & Sunday)
Time: 12PM-12AM
Venue: Car Park B, Stadium Bukit Jalil
Fans who haven’t gotten their tickets, fret not, General and Rock Zone tickets are still available!
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Rockaway 2020 tickets, minus VIP, are still up for grabs.