Selamat datang, sayang!” The nine Thai stars gracing the dimsum Thai Pop 2019 shouted the moment they took the stage.

The stars kept repeating the phrase, which roughly translates to “welcome, honey”, making their fans scream an octave higher each time.

The cast of popular drama “My Ambulance”, namely Sunny Suwanmethanont (also starred in “Brother of the Year”, “’I Fine..Thank You..Love You”), Sky Wongravee Nateetorn (TV series “Hormones”), Billkin Putthipong Assaratanakul (“Brother of the Year”), Thanaerng Kanyawee Songmuang (“May Who?”) and Pearwah Nichaphat Chatchaipholrat (“Hormones”) made up more than half of the event’s lineup last weekend.
The remaining four spots were filled by 9×9 members Ice Paris Intarakomalyasut, Captain Chonlathorn Kongyingyong, JJ (Jaylerr) Kritsanapoom Pibulsonggram and Tor Thanapob Leeratanakajorn.
Held yesterday at IDCC Shah Alam, the first ever large-scale Thai showcase organised by the Malaysian streaming service kicked off a little over 6pm with a little “My Ambulance” OST dance cover by local influencers before Tor, JJ, Ice and Captain took the stage with “Lucky One”.
Tor then had the stage all to himself as he serenaded fans with “Hua Jai Kaung Tur” (“Your Heart”).
Pearwah2B25262BIce My2BAmbulance2B2528Custom2529
Pearwah and Ice performing “My Ambulance”.

Up next was the full version of the abovementioned “My Ambulance”, the ever-popular OST of the eponymous drama, performed by Ice and Pearwah, who captivated the crowd with their cute chemistry.

Thanaerng and Billkin, who not only appear in the drama but also sang an OST each for it, performed their respective songs, “It’s O.K.” and “You Are My Everything”.
Billkin, who was joined afterwards by Thanaerng, Ice and Pearwah again for a little chat with the emcee, said that he was happy to be there as it was his first time in Malaysia as well as first time performing abroad. 
Meanwhile, Ice, who spoke more fluent English, gave a longer speech expressing his gratitude to the fans for being there. In his excitement, he kept repeating the phrase “Oh my God!”
“Did I say something wrong?” Ice asked in bemusement when fans started laughing, oblivious of Billkin cheekily imitating his gestures behind his back. (“Oh my God! Oh my God!” Billkin was silently mouthing and wildly gesturing).
Sky2B2526Sunny Love2BMessage2B22B2528Custom2529
Sky and Sunny partnered up for “Love Message”.

After assuring Ice that everything was okay, the quartet left the stage to make way for Sky and Sunny, who were set to perform “Love Message”. Unlike their fellow performers, these two got to sit as Sunny strummed away on his guitar. 

All five “My Ambulance” cast members then appeared on stage together for a little game with their fans. The crowd was instructed to look for ping pong balls (with numbers on them) under their chairs. The cast then each randomly picked a ball from a box onstage and whoever had the numbered ball that corresponded to the ones chosen by the cast got to join in the game.
The theme was ‘telepathy’. After partnering up, both the participating cast and fans were taught three types of love signs (small heart using the thumb and forefinger, big heart using arms and ‘143’ using fingers). Each pair then had to simultaneously pick a sign during their turn and if both partners displayed the same sign, the lucky fan would get a Polaroid photo taken with his or her partner.
Billkin, Thanaerng, Sunny, Pearwah and Sky giving some love to their fans.

Sky and his fan partner got the ball rolling and much to everyone’s amusement, they picked exactly the same sign!

His co-stars could be seen laughing in the background because they noticed something that the emcee didn’t – Sky had conspired with his partner for which love sign to pick. 
Sky was “surprised” to see his fan had telepathically chosen the same love sign as he did.

“I think everyone’s going to get their Polaroid,” the emcee said suspiciously when even Pearwah and Sunny’s fans easily “won” the game.

She was not wrong, as Thanaerng and Billkin also conspired with their fans and thus recording a full win in what was probably the most rigged yet most entertaining game for the lucky fans.
Pearwah once again took the stage after the game, this time switching partners to Billkin and the duo showcased their strong vocals with a cover of Adam Levine’s “Lost Stars”.
Ice performed solo next, showing off his English and guitar skills as he covered The Beatles’ “Let It Be”.
Following that, Captain got his chance to shine with his cover of Jeremy Zucker’s “Comethru” and JJ was spitting fire as he performed Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble”. JJ took the chance after his performance (while trying to catch his breath) to thank fans for coming and to bring Tor on stage for their cover of OneRepublic’s “Counting Stars”.
(L-R) Captain, Billkin, JJ, Pearwah, Sunny, Thanaerng,
Tor, Sky and Ice saying goodbye to their fans.

All good things must, however, come to an end. All nine stars appeared on stage again for their last performance of the night, covering Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk” before wrapping up by thanking everyone again for coming.

Even though the showcase only lasted for 2 hours, most of the fans were actually able to see their favourite Thai stars for 2 consecutive days. That’s because prior to the Sunday showcase, the stars first greeted their fans at a press conference held at Central i-City Mall on Saturday.
The Thai stars at the press conference held a day prior to the Sunday showcase.

It was not only to introduce the star-studded lineup but also to celebrate the third anniversary of dimsum.

There were no performances held on Saturday but the stars did get to say hi to their fans first and promised to see their fans the next day at the showcase, telling everyone to expect “fun” things. Fun, indeed!