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It’s been about two years since fans last saw Sung Hoon in Malaysia, finally they got to meet the South Korean actor in person again when he returned to the country last Saturday for a little meet and greet.

Dressed in black pants paired with a black and white striped shirt, complete with a matching loose tie adorning its collar, the 36-year-old strutted down the red carpet leading to the stage at 1 Utama Shopping Centre’s Centre Court amid loud cheers from fans.

With a translator in tow, the actor greeted the crowd once on stage, prompting even louder screams.
The event started with a standard Q&A segment with the emcee, Yaya Zahir. When asked the compulsory “What Malaysian food have you tried?”, the actor paused long enough that his fans started shouting suggestions at him. He picked up on the loudest answer and repeated it, albeit incorrectly, to the emcee, who understood nevertheless and corrected it to, “Nasi lemak”.
Being one of the Rainbow Club members of the Korean variety show “I Live Alone”, he was asked if he prefers living along alone or with someone else, to which he replied that he’s so used to living alone now, it’d be awkward to have someone else with him. 
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Sung Hoon holding up a wig, asking the crowd if he should put it into the boxes.

The next segment was games with his fans. The first round players were probably jealous of the second round players (though fans who didn’t even get to participate would feel the most jealous in this scenario) as the first round wasn’t as interactive.

Sung Hoon merely placed several items, one at a time, inside a box placed in front of each blindfolded player, who then had to guess the item by reaching inside the box and feeling the item with their hands. Afterwards, the actor took a group photo with the girls, wittily switching places in every pose so that each of the fan would have a photo of him standing next to her.
For the second round, a different set of players took the stage and picked an envelope each. Sealed inside were tasks that the actor would have to perform for them. Among the tasks he had to do was present a signed poster (which he added a personal message to), record a wake-up call (which he recorded while standing next to the lucky girl) and take a selfie with his lucky fan.
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DJ Roi is in the house!

The final segment required the actor to summon his more club-centric alter ego, DJ Roi (stylised as DJ Roiii). There was some trouble setting up the DJ deck, drawing out the actor’s nervous high-pitched giggles as he meddled with it. Finally, he got it up and running and the show started. He first played “Happy Birthday” since his event was part of the fifth anniversary celebration for the TV channel, Oh!K, before moving on to more bass-pumping beats. 

There was a slight hiccup when the music suddenly stopped but after a few minutes, he got the DJ deck running again. 
The actor was having so much fun that he was quite reluctant to stop DJ Roi’s act. Music is definitely something he enjoyed as, similarly, when he previously visited Malaysia in 2017 as part of the year’s Korean Culture Festival, he was just as reluctant to stop spinning.
The event wrapped up with photoshoot and high touch sessions with his fans.