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We previously brought to you the list of performers for Neon Lights 2019. There’s one more name to add to that list as it was recently announced that British electronic music band Clean Bandit will be joining in the fun!

Grace Chatto and brothers Jack and Luke Patterson will be joining the likes of fellow Grammy award winner Halsey in the Sunday segment of the arts and music festival.
Known for their unique classical crossover and dance music, Clean Bandit is ready to wow the crowd with a DJ and MC set. 
Of course, Singapore fans who’ve seen them at their superb headline show at Star Theatre in Singapore last year would already know how these great these guys are at hyping up the crowd.
Read on below for more on Neon Nooks at Neon Lights 2019.

Neon Lights has also revealed more details on this year’s Neon Nooks, which invites festival-goers to reflect upon our hyper-consumerist culture through the representation of waste, alienation, as well as the necessity of resourcefulness within an urban context as it explores the cycle and treatment of discarded objects – from otherworldly trash creatures to wearable sculptures made from recycled colanders and plastic tubes.

Helmed by Filipino artist Leeroy New, Aliens of Manila x Singapore explores themes of alienation and migration by injecting strangely costumed bodies into the urban landscape. This project will see him collaborating with Singaporean dancers Sonia Kwek from dance company P7:1SMA, who returns to perform at Neon Lights for her third year, and Jereh Leung from Dance Nucleus.  
The abovementioned trio will inhabit Leeroy’s fantastical costumes made from everyday objects.

Meanwhile, two Mongo characters, ‘VHS’ (2013) made from VHS tapes and a new work ‘Cable Mongo’ (2019), will be presented at Neon Lights. They are part of the Cape Mongo series by South African multi-disciplinary artist Francois Knoetze, who reimagines trash objects – specifically the packaging of domestic consumables and electronic devices used to record everyday life – as remnants of activities that shaped them in his extensively presented series.

Apart from the sensational acts on the Main Stage, festival-goers can swing to the samba and throbbing batucada beats of Bloco Singapura and be transported to the streets of Guadalajara Mexico with the folkloric melodies of Mariachi Viva Mexico. 
Bloco Singapura is founded by the legendary multi-instrumentalist Syed Ahmed.

All this will take place amidst the perfect backdrop of Soph O’s eclectic, extraordinary and transcendental décor creations, which make the festival ever so inviting. Since its inception, 80% of Neon Lights Festival’s décor has been made out of repurposed and upcycled materials.

Don’t wanna miss out on all this fun? Then head down to Neon Lights 2019 at the following time and place:
Date: 23 and 24 November 2019 (Saturday & Sunday)
Time: 1pm
Venue: Fort Canning Park, Singapore
Ticket prices range from SGD60 to SGD245 (exclusive of SGD4 fee). Tickets for a group of six are also available from SGD640. Get more details on the ticketing at