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Leader Youi and her fellow DreamNote members, Lara, Miso, Sumin, Eunjo and Boni, might still be rookies in the K-pop world, having only debuted last November, but they bring on their professional side whenever they hit the stage.
Case in point, there was a minor snag during their first ever show in Malaysia last weekend, when the accompanying music for “Hakuna Matata” suddenly stopped halfway through the song. Without batting an eyelash, the girls continued singing and dancing until the end, letting their live vocals shine through. Lara and Miso especially did the song justice with their clean high notes.
The girls smiled happily when the song ended and their fans, whom they have officially christened Page, applauded them for their cool and fast reaction to the glitch.
Fortunately for the girls, the rest of the show went smoothly, no more “sudden silence” during their performances.
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DreamNote answered a few questions before continuing on with their performances.
They took a little breather after the first performance to have a little chat with emcee Hani Fadzil, who asked them several questions such as the meaning behind “Hakuna Matata”, their future plans and what Malaysian food they’ve tried.
The girls replied that the song “Hakuna Matata” is about a girl who wants to make a boy reciprocate her feelings towards him and as for their future plan, they will continue producing lots of good album so they hope that their Page will continue supporting them.
They amused their Malaysian Page when for favourite food, the girls replied, “Kaya toast!” Usually a breakfast staple at local eateries, the toasted bread with kaya (coconut jam) spread on top isn’t something K-pop idols would typically encounter on their inaugural visit to the tropical country.
Afterwards, the girls performed “Cong Cong (Uhh Ohh)” and wrapped up their performances with “Dream Note”.
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A fan taking part in the Q&A before the show started, he won
himself a poster and got to meet the girl up close during the fansign!
It wasn’t goodbye yet, however, as they reappeared on stage a short while later for a photo session with some of their lucky Malaysian Page. They went off stage again so the stage could be set up for the fansign and when they returned, it was time to let fans of various ages who had been patiently queuing with posters in hand to come on stage and greet the girls. K-pop truly transcends generations as both kids and parents (who accompanied their elementary age children on stage) alike were excited to meet the girls up close. 
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Leader Youi, along with her fellow DreamNote members, all set to sign some posters for their fans.
Prior to the show at Atria Shopping Gallery last Saturday evening, a press conference with the media was held earlier on the same day in Kuala Lumpur. The girls were bubbly and fresh even in the morning as they punctually filed into the hall and greeted the media brightly.
Apa kabareu?” The girls cheerfully said, putting a Korean spin to the standard Malaysian greeting of “Apa Khabar?” (“How Are You?”).
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Sumin answering a question during the press conference.
When asked if they knew other phrases in the local language, Youi wittily replied, “Aku cinta padamu (I Love You)”. (During their show at Atria later, emcee Hani even taught them how to say a “cuter” version of this – “Sayang awak!”)
The girls also mentioned that a concept they would like to try with their upcoming songs is “girl crush” (think Blackpink or 2NE1 type of songs if you’re unfamiliar with this very colloquially Korean term).
Since their current image has always been cutesy – they’re even nicknamed DreamNote Teengle, which stands for Teen + “Beagle” like beauty – it’ll be very interesting to see the girls carry a more “bad girl” vibe in their future releases.
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Annyeong DreamNote, hope you’ll come back to Malaysia soon with your “girl crush” songs!