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“Yes, I ‘boleh’,” said K-pop star Kang Daniel with a cheeky grin when asked if he would return to Malaysia in the future – having fun with the Malay word after being taught by emcee Hao Min how to say it.

After told that that one word (boleh means ‘can’) is sufficient when it comes to conversing with his Malaysian fans (or Danities, a plural form of his official fanclub name Danity), the 22-year-old happily repeated it no matter the question thrown to him, cracking up the crowd.

The singer was at Axiata Arena, Bukit Jalil, last Saturday for his “Color On Me” fan meeting. (The same venue where his fellow former Wanna One member, Ong Seong Wu, held his own fan meeting earlier this year).
It was indeed a fun and colourful event for his fans as Daniel showed off his “true colours” – which is his usual charismatic yet dorky charm – onstage.
Bearing the same title as his first mini album, Daniel performed all 5 songs on it but later admitted that he wished he had more songs to perform. He promised that the next time he comes, it will be for a concert with more songs for his Danities.
Looking sleek in a grey suit, the singer opened the evening’s show with “Intro (Through the Night)”, and continued to perform “What Are You Up To”, “I Hope” and “Color”.

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Of course, Daniel changed into several outfits throughout the event
– grey suit, blue suit, white tee, gotta stay true to the colourful part of the event’s name.

During the Q&A session, Daniel had to randomly pick a letter from the phrase “I Hope” and the emcee would ask him a question based on the letter he picked. He started off with ‘I’, which was not a question per se but his mini album giveaway. 

After the singer picked a winning number from a box filled with the event’s ticket stubs, confusion (and hilarity) ensued as he missed out on reading the seat zone and only read the seat number. Only after his translator Jae Hyun assisted did the singer manage to read out the correct number.

Following the Q&A session, came the next segment: Relay Mini Olympic. Prior to entering the hall, fans voted on which mini sport the singer would participate in. 

Despite having to play basketball, use the force machine, do the elephant spins, thread the needle, and do squats in just 60 seconds, the singer breezily passed through the first round with plenty of seconds to spare. Fans shouted their request to see him repeat the relay and he smilingly obliged, surprising everyone when this time he finished it even faster even though he was already tired out from the first round.

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The force machine is no match for Kang Daniel’s strength.

When the emcee asked fans which was their favourite part and the crowd shouted back, “Squat!”, Daniel cheekily agreed, “Me too.”

Finally, during the dart segment, he simply had to throw darts – one at a time – at a specially-prepared board and whichever number his dart landed on, he would have to perform or act out the task that corresponded to the chosen number.
“I want No. 4,” he said after looking at the list of tasks displayed on the screen. Unlike most homegrown Korean idols, the Busan native’s English was fluent enough to enable him to understand the emcee without requiring translation and he was also able to occasionally reply in English. (His translator was mostly only there to translate his Korean replies into English).

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Later, the ever thoughtful K-pop idol even took photos with
the crowd from every angle so everyone could be included in his photos.

He had to go through a few other numbers before he got his wish for No. 4, which was to snap a photo with a chic pose. Among the other numbers that he picked were No. 2, recording a wake-up message, “Aku Cinta Padamu” (“I Love You”); No. 1, sexy dance; and No. 7, the speed dance – another fan request which he, again, obligingly did by aiming for the specific number on the board. 

Even though the K-pop idol is well-known for his dancing skills, he had to apologise and admit defeat when he found it hard to dance to the sped-up versions of his songs. “Was that my song?” He even asked at one point, with a shocked look on his face.
Nevertheless, the singer more than made up for his “failure” by perfectly executing the dance moves to “Horizon”, which he performed after the end of the game sessions.
The singer was not the only one who left a memorable impression that evening, his Malaysian Danities no doubt left a lasting impression too when they surprised him with a special video. It was a compilation of “I hope you smile” (a line from his song, “I Hope”) messages from Danities.
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Daniel, after performing his encore stage which included a cover
of Justin Bieber’s “Sorry”, said goodbye to his Malaysian Danities.

Malaysia is just one of the stops in his “Color On Me” fan meeting tour, which was also held in Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok and more. 

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(Photo source: Kang Daniel’s Instagram)