After about a decade in the music industry, it is time for Malaysia’s homegrown band Paperplane Pursuit to take their final flight.

The members, John O (vocals), Isaac Ravi (guitars), The Chief (bass), and Dru Yap (drums), will be taking the stage together one last time before their official disbandment this September.

Here’s when and where their “Final Flight” show will take off:
Date: 28 September 2019 (Saturday)
Time: 7pm
Venue: The Bee, Publika
Tickets are priced at RM30 online (via and RM40 at the door. 
There’s no age limit, so everyone is welcome onboard
the ‘final flight’ of Paperplane Pursuit!

Expect the four-piece pop band to perform songs off their final album (bearing the same name as the upcoming show), which includes the two new singles “DanceMan” and “My Friends” – a parting gift to their fans and everyone who has helped get the band to where they are today.

Of course, “Feel Good” is a must as it was a popular single of theirs that reached the US’ Billboard Charts.
“We’re going out with a big bang! We’re looking forward to sharing the stories behind the songs and our ten-year journey,” said lead singer John O in a press statement. 
This was reiterated in the comment section of a post on the band’s Instagram, where, in response to fans who are asking them why, they replied that the fans should come to the show and they’ll explain it all.
“To everyone who’s been asking if this is some kinda publicity stunt – Nope, this is for real. After 28th September 2019, Paperplane Pursuit will cease to exist,” the post stated.
The upcoming show will feature two opening acts, Talitha and Lost Spaces, before Paperplane Pursuit takes the stage to give closure to their fans and stroll down memory lane together one last time.