K-pop idol Leo, sans his fellow VIXX members, were part of the lineup for last weekend’s “K-Performance Show 2019” at KLCC’s Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

Even though it was his first time visiting Malaysia as a solo performer, the singer said that he was there not just for himself but was also representing the whole of VIXX.
He apologised to their Malaysian fans on his group’s behalf as it has been a while since all six of them visited the country and promised that they would definitely one day return as a group for a concert.
The 28-year-old said so when he made an appearance during the press conference held a day prior to his scheduled performance.
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Leo visited Malaysia as a solo artiste this time around.

He and K-pop rookies, The T-Bird, were the only performers who didn’t take the stage for the preview performance that Friday – as both were only set to perform on Saturday.

Their fellow performers, JUMP, The Painters: HERO, Sachoom x EDM, did, however, gave media and partners alike a taste of what Korea Tourism Organization’s (KTO) “K-Performance Show 2019” had to offer. The show was part of KTO’s initiative in introducing its new performing arts-themed travel.
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Some of the performers for “K-Performance Show 2019”.
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JUMP has plenty of gravity-defying tricks up its sleeves.

JUMP, being a martial arts-infused comedy performance, awed the audience with their gravity-defying stunts and well-timed comedic antics. They even invited a member of the audience on stage and made him a part of the show without him having to exert himself – the highlight being when he “won” a fight without pulling off any martial arts move, simply because they feared the many “weapons” he had concealed on his person (which, of course, the performers planted on him as they “frisked” him).

The Painters: HERO didn’t do any stunts but they mesmerised all the same with their painting skills. If you find yourself thinking you’re not a fan of art, these guys will change your mind with the way they present it.
During their performance, the four painters danced to the beat of one of Michael Jackson’s songs, while each of them painted what seemed like random lines and smudges on a canvas (occasionally switching canvases with each other). When the song ended and they combined the pieces, surprisingly, they formed a perfect portrait of the King of Pop. This is something that needs to be watched live to be believed, as well as their other specialty: painting with lights.
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The way these guys paint a portrait is mind-blowing.
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One of the light paintings done by The Painters: HERO.

Last but not least was Sachoom x EDM, which combined music, dancing, comedy and story-telling to wow the audience. One of the performers frequently addressed the audience, making it a fun, interactive show. Again, an audience member was brought on stage and was made to do hilarious dance moves.

Just when you thought the show had ended, the group brought out DJ Roots, who made everyone feel like they’d been transported to one of the trendy clubs in Seoul the moment he started spinning his tracks.
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DJ Roots performing with Sachoom.

“K-Performance Show 2019” delivered just some of what South Korea has to offer aside from the usual K-pop and K-dramas. For the full effect, pencil in a visit to the land of kimchi to enjoy more of the country’s performance arts.