Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Swiss Dream Circus is returning for another edition of fun and magic soon!

This year’s show promises to be even more exciting as the circus celebrates its fifth anniversary in Malaysia, with a brand new production called “Celebration!”

Here are the details for the upcoming Swiss Dream Circus:
Date: 30 August 2019 – 22 September 2019
Venue: Desa ParkCity, KL
This year, it is all about celebration!

From daredevils to illuminated dancers, the circus has got it all. What’s more, for the first time ever, the multi-award winning Troup Dneprovskie will be bringing their amazing high rope act to the circus.

Get ready to also be mesmerised by violinist/songstress Jane Yong, contortionist Elena Sanders, juggler Stanislav Vysotskyi (his foot gets in on the action too in his juggling act!), and Extreme Light (who dances in LED-illuminated costumes).
Laugh out loud at the antics of comedic clown Victor Rossi, marvel at Zac Tomlison and Ruslan’s respective jump rope skills and mountain bike stunts, and try not to scream as trapeze artist Jeanin Eggenberger and swinging trapeze artist Veronika perform their respective gravity-defying acts. Lastly, high wire artist Andrei will wrap up the show with his performance on the Wheel of Death.
And here’s the life of the party – The Wheel of Death!

“We did not begin this journey to fill our pockets. Swiss Dream Circus was founded on the belief that this timeless cultural experience is worth preserving and sharing; passing it on to the next generation of dreamers,” Marco Baumgartner (Founder & Producer) and Ismail Stork (Co-Founder, Marketing & Organizer) said in a press statement.

The duo ventured into the circus business in Malaysia following the closure of the Malaysian Royal London Circus in 2007. Thanks to their ambitious venture, circus shows once again bloomed in the country – at the moment there are four other companies travelling throughout Malaysia.
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