With their live gig yesterday evening being their first ever in Malaysia, Snow Patrol was adamant not to miss it. The show must go on, even if it means only two of the members could be there and one of them had to perform despite feeling under the weather.

“Those of you who’ve heard me sing before would know that I don’t always sound like this,” lead singer Gary Lightbody said, before explaining that after he noticed the dip in his voice during their recent Bangkok gig, he went to the doctor and was told that he had a throat and chest infection. 
However, since he did not want to cancel their inaugural show in Malaysia, the band powered through.
Lightbody took the stage with fellow band member and guitarist Nathan Connolly, while Ryan McMullan stood in for Johnny McDaid on keyboard (“Ryan learned 17 songs in a week. Depending on what you think of Snow Patrol, it’s either a punishment or pleasure,” Lightbody joked). 
Nathan Connolly, the other half of the Snow Patrol duo who
could make it to the band’s first show in Malaysia.

It was mentioned by Lightbody that McDaid was unable to come due to health reasons (he did undergo surgery for his neck pain back in June), but made no remark on Jonny Quinn and Paul Wilson’s absence at yesterday’s show.

McMullan, aside from accompanying the band on keyboard, was also the opening act for them.
Ryan McMullan playing the guitar during his opening performance.

He showcased his musical range by playing both keyboard and guitar during his opening solo, captivating the crowd for about 30-minute, then taking a short break before returning to the stage, this time with Lightbody and Connolly in tow.

There were plenty of screaming when the band appeared but not much singing along when they opened with “Chocolate” and “Crack the Shutters”. Lightbody introduced their new song, “Empress”, before playing it and followed that up with “This Isn’t Everything You Are”, “Shut Your Eyes” and “Don’t Give In”.
It was only by the time that the seventh song, “Run”, came around that the crowd was all warmed up and really started singing along loudly. This gave Lightbody a chance to rest his pipes and it was afterwards that he explained his condition and asked the fans to help him sing any song that they knew the words to. 
And sing they did. 
Snow Patrol fans eagerly helped the band sing their songs.

The lead singer exchanged wide smiles with Connolly when the fans helped him sing large chunks of songs like “You’re All I Have”, “Life on Earth” and – everyone’s favourite – “Chasing Cars”, arguably their biggest hit (the song stayed on the UK charts for three years despite never placing at No.1) and not a single person in the crowd couldn’t sing along to at least parts of the song’s lyrics.

The band wrapped up their show with “Open Your Eyes” but, of course, made the obligatory encore when fans continued cheering for them and closed the evening with “Just Say Yes”.
(Photo source: Tg Nur Hamizah)