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Australian DJ Flume made his debut show in Malaysia last weekend, when he took to the stage at KL Live to perform more than just music for his fans.

While he did spin some familiar tracks, what wowed the crowd even more – aside from the impressive stage set up that would be familiar to anyone who’s attended any other show in his current tour – was the ton of art he managed to slip in between songs.

From the moment the show started, he could be seen busily spray painting a sign as “Hi, This Is Flume” thumped from the speakers. When the singer revealed it to the crowd, it turned out to say “Halo, Saya Flume”. Since he was in Malaysia, it was only apt he translated the song’s name using the nation’s official language to greet his Malaysian fans.
When fellow Aussie artiste Vera Blue came on stage to perform “Never Be Like You”, the DJ busied himself once again at his art station, this time gardening. He was carefully putting plants into pots and tending to them as Vera, and the packed crowd of fans, sang the song.
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Vera asking the fans to sing louder as Flume tended to his potted flowers.

When he wasn’t busy bringing the house down with his tracks, Flume was busy smashing things.

He started off with the potted plants, smashing them on the floor of the stage (which the crew had covered before the show begun), creating a colourful mess. Literally colourful as coloured powders spilled everywhere as the pots hit the floor.
Flowerpots weren’t the only “casualties” of the night, a couple of old printers faced the same fate. Not content with the smashing power of the baseball bat, the DJ upgraded to a sledgehammer. That did the job. Printer bits went flying all over but two crew members later came on stage to sweep away the accumulating debris, so Flume could continue his show without the danger of cutting his feet to ribbons.
IMG 1553wm
Flume going all out Hulk.

As mentioned, Vera was one of the guests at his show, she came on again later to perform “Rushing Back”. He also had Reo Cragun on stage to perform “Friends” and “Quits”.

However, his most unexpected guest has got to be the group of Asian women dressed in white who were calmly doing tai-chi as his fiery beats accompanied their exercise. The juxtaposition would, of course, make people look twice if the elderly starts doing this in public parks but on stage, it gave off quite a calming aura to the heavy beats.
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Keep calm and Flume on.

Sometimes, Flume works best when it’s just him conquering the stage. This he demonstrated when he lay down on the floor and just chilled there as various projected laser beams created a stunning light visual around him.

Flume made full use of his state-of-the-art lighting to liven up the space, even casting a rainbow over the crowd as they cheered for him, danced along and sang out loud throughout the show.
IMG 1238wm
Reo Cragun turning into a beautifully lit art exhibition for a moment here.

While this marks his first show in Malaysia, judging by how loud the screams were for him, there’s no doubt fans can expect the DJ to be back in the country again.