When you’re one of the biggest names in music, your concert needs a certain je ne sais quoi to keep audiences wowed and well-entertained with each and every show.

Andy Lau knows that, which is why his upcoming concert in Malaysia – not enough with its 3-day back-to-back dates – is aiming to break records with some pretty impressive feats.
The Cantopop star’s “My Love Andy Lau World Tour‧Kuala Lumpur 2019” will feature a never-before-seen performer flying system with the longest loop in the track history of Malaysian concert performances, as well as the largest projection-mapping sky screen ever built for an indoor concert in the country, measuring at over 50-meter in circumference. 
According to a press statement released by the organiser, construction of the giant sky screen alone costs an addition of RM350,000 – just for the installation of over 60 sets of lifting points onto the ceiling. 
Expect to see Andy being lifted up in the air and moving around 360°, above ground, following the shape of the performance stage.
That’s Andy Lau up there, getting a great bird’s-eye view
of the crowd at his concert.

As for the 360° interactive projection effects that will merge the stage screens and the entire sky screen to deliver an immersive concert visual experience resembling the sky and earth, they are achieved with the usage of 20 units top-notched laser projectors.

The 360° interactive projection effects will undoubtedly give
the crowd a very immersive concert-going experience.

Lighting no doubt can be the easiest way to immediately elevate performances’ feel and look, which is why two full containers of custom-made lighting trusses and hoists have been freight delivered from overseas just for this tour. 

Great lighting can easily make a concert so much more enjoyable.

The stage will also be installed with over 400 units of confetti blaster, programmed for a nonstop confetti-blasting effect.  

350 workers will be working around the clock to start assembling the stage two weeks prior to the concert.
To call Andy Lau’s upcoming concert in Malaysia “impressive” sounds quite an understatement now. To witness all this in person, fans can still grab the remaining RM748 tickets that are available in limited quantity. To book, call +603 9223 3667 or visit / for more information.
To be held on 13, 14 and 15 September 2019 (Friday to Sunday) at Axiata Arena, Bukit Jalil, all the concert’s other ticket categories, priced at RM988, RM888, RM598, RM498, RM398 and RM288 are fully sold out.