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“It’s been a while!” Jam Hsiao exclaimed as he stopped for a breather during his “Mr. Entertainment” World Tour 2019 at Axiata Arena, Bukit Jalil, last Saturday.

Saying that since he’s missed his Malaysian fans, he was observing everyone’s movement during the concert and noticed that fans were busy with their phones. He joked that if it was to film him, he didn’t mind, but if it were to while the time away browsing and scrolling on the devices, then that wouldn’t be good.
“I’d be glaring at you and you wouldn’t even notice because you’d be busy scrolling away”, he said with a laugh.
Understandably, fans were excited to keep a lasting memory of the evening as it was the Taiwanese singer’s first time back in Malaysia since his last concert in the country four years ago.
It was once again a rainy evening but the downpour did not deter Jam Hsiao’s fans, as they flock to the stadium just to catch the singer live in person. It was worth the wet socks and squelchy shoes as the singer not only mesmerised with his top-notch performances and charismatic stage presence, as well as the theatrical stage setup (the unique shape of the screens really made the stage seem more expansive), but also with his constant interaction with the fans as he kept a steady flow of chatter going every time there was a break in between songs.
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The expansive screens gave the stage a very theatrical feel.

He started the show with “Golden Love” and “How to Say I Don’t Love You”. Ballad, pop, rock – he demonstrated his wide vocal range with the various genres he brought to the stage that evening.

He played the piano while singing some of the songs. Of course, piano wasn’t the only instrument he played as he also showed off his percussion skills during his drum solo later on in the concert. His drum set grew progressively larger as he played, accompanied by the backup singers who adorably donned hats shaped like a shark (as did the singer) while they sang “Baby shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo, Baby shark!” 
During his performance of “New Endless Love”, fans sang along loudly and raised their smartphones – flashlights switched on – to form a beautiful sea of light.
It was clear that the singer longed to thank his fans more personally, but as he explained, he was not allowed to go off the stage to join the crowd of fans. “You guys know that if I could, I would,” he said.
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Jam Hsiao giving it all during his performances.

Once again, fans showed their love for the singer with a simple but heartfelt gesture – by holding up the slogans that bore his face and supportive messages – during his performance of “A Love Song for You”. Moved by this, the singer, who’d been conversing in Mandarin throughout the concert, used the Malay language instead as he shouted “Aku cinta padamu! (I love you)” during the performance.

As he prepared to sing “The Song”, the singer jokingly introduced it as “my ‘fake last song’,” referring to the fact that he was still returning on stage for his encore performances afterwards.
“Even if you don’t call out encore, I am still coming back out for the encore,” he said with a laugh.
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Jam Hsiao prepping for his encore.

As impressive as his performances had been the whole evening, the singer still managed to kick it up a notch by suddenly pausing during “The Song” – he put down his mic, walked further out on the stage and closer to the audience – only to resume singing but this time without the help of any instrument to amplify his voice.

Even without a mic, he was able to hold the whole stadium captivated as his strong, clear voice reverberated throughout, ending as showers of confetti exploded onto the mesmerised crowd.
After a short break and shouts of encore from his fans, the singer returned on stage, not forgetting to express gratitude towards his concert entourage as he thanked the band and crew before moving on to his encore performances, which consisted of songs like “Princess”, “Forgive Me” and “A-Fei’s Butterfly”, and plenty more jokes and cheeky remarks from the singer who befit the Mr. Entertainment title emblazoned on his current world tour.