This may be their first time performing in Malaysia but GFriend sure impressed with their effort to learn the national language. It wasn’t just to greet their fans in the standard phrases but to also actually sing in Malay!

As the K-pop girl group mentioned in the press conference held a day prior to their concert, they were going to include Malay lyrics in some of their songs.

They made good on that promise the moment they opened their concert last Saturday at Stadium Malawati with the song “Me Gustas Tu”, as they casually slipped in the words “Suka kamu” ([I] like you) in the chorus.
GFriend revealed during the press conference that
they would include Malay lyrics in their songs.
They wowed the crowd with even longer Malay lyrics in the song “Time for the Moon Night”, singing “bam bam bame bam, sampai ke langit (through the sky), As time time for the moon night, kita bertemu dalam mimpi (meeting you in my dreams). (We have to admit it was a little hard making out the lyrics due to the acoustics but GFriend Part’s Twitter account broke the code!)
The fanchant during the song was so loud that Yuju even praised their fans (“Bagus (good)!” she happily said) for their Korean pronunciation, while Eunha joked that since everyone chanted so loudly, she didn’t have the heart to leave them to return to Korea.
It wasn’t just the Malay lyrics inclusion that amazed the fans, of course, it was also the enchanting backdrops and unique use of three different themes for the concert. It started off with a morning theme, followed by an afternoon theme and ended with a night theme, their outfits and stage props changing from pastel tones to darker ones to fit the themes. 
GFriend kicked off their concert in cute pastel coloured outfits.
While the girls didn’t sing any songs off their new album (which was released today), they did tease fans with a preview of their new song’s choreography during the concert’s final ment.
Umji, Eunha, SinB, Yuju, Sowon and Yerin finally had to bid the 4,300-strong crowd of screaming and loudly chanting fans goodbye after performing for more than 2 hours, but with the warm welcome they’ve received, there is no doubt that Malaysian Buddy will be seeing the girls back for another concert in the future!