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Kicking off his performance around half past nine on the evening of 18 July 2019 in Malaysia, Bazzi opened his first show in the country with “Paradise”.

The concert saw a crowd 800-strong packing the newly upgraded The Bee to catch the American singer live in person.

On the small stage, the singer didn’t stay rooted to one spot and wandered everywhere as he performed one song after another, totaling to less than 20 tracks in a duration of about an hour.
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Bazzi performing for the first time in Malaysia.
While mostly he only needed his mic to entertain the crowd, he did bring out his guitar for some of the tracks, especially, of course, during the acoustic segment of his show – with Nick playing the guitar for him (he later “kicked” Nick off the stage). 
Among the songs he sang during this segment was a cover of Maroon 5’s “Sunday Morning”. He changed the lyrics of the song’s second verse, singing that he’s forgotten them and asking the fans to “help” sing the song for him instead.
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Playing the guitar himself for some of the songs.
Other songs he performed during the show was “3:15”, “Mine” and, of course, “Beautiful”.
As is the norm with foreign artists visiting Malaysia, he picked up some Malay phrases to say to his fans. He stuttered but managed to shout out “Bazzi cinta kamu!” to the screaming crowd.
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Fans recording fancams throughout the show.