3 months after ticket sales for their second concert in Malaysia kicked off, during which VIP tickets were sold out within a day, [ALEXANDROS] was back on stage on 19 July 2019 for their aptly named “Sleepless in Kuala Lumpur 2019”.

Sleep was definitely the last thing on anyone’s mind as they rocked out to the Japanese rock band’s fiery live performance!
Lead singer Yoohei Kawakami kept the energy up as he got fans to sing along with him, even making his way off stage a couple of times to get closer to their crowd of adoring fans, who could be seen just as energetically singing and dancing throughout the concert.
As for Hiroyuki Isobe, even with his broken knee still healing and preventing him from moving around much, the bassist was his usually lively self. Aside from, of course, playing bass and singing the backing vocals, he’d occasionally throw in a funny remark or two to the crowd during short breaks in between songs.
Yoohei and Masa rocking the stage!

Cheekily saying that Masaki Shirai sounded good when the guitarist – prompted by Yoohei – greeted the crowd in Cantonese (even though Hiro had no idea what was being said), he decided to show off his linguistic skills too.

Minum” (drink) turned out to be the only Malay word the rocker has learned, setting off guffaws in the crowd. Luckily, both he and Yoohei spoke fluent English, so their Malaysian fans were able to understand them just fine.
Hiro had to remain seated throughout the concert.
Rose accompanying the band on the keyboard.

Regrettably, drummer Satoyasu Shomura was not able to join the show, but Ib Riad from fellow Japanese rock band BIGMAMA fortunately stepped in and was just as fiery on the drums as Sato would’ve been.

Ib also got a chance to show off his Malay language proficiency (and making fans instantly fall for his charm) when he confidently stated, “Saya suka kucing (I like cats)!”
BIGMAMA’s dummer Ib Riad stepped in for Sato for this concert.

There was no dilly-dallying for the band when they begun their show a little after the scheduled 8.30pm at Bentley Music Auditorium, starting off with “Last Minute”, before moving on to “Dracula La”, “Starrrrrrr”, “I Don’t Believe In You”, “Waitress, Waitress!” and “Girl”.

The party was not over as they continued with “Party is Over”, “Kaiju”, “Mosquito Bite” (the theme song for 2018’s live-action “Bleach”), “Kick&Spin”, “New Wall”, “Ashita, Mata”, “Fish Tacos Party”, “Your Song”, “Adventure” and last but not least, “Arpeggio”.
Of course, these 16 songs were not enough for their fans, who shouted for an encore the moment the band left the stage.
Obligingly, the band returned on stage, smiles decorating their faces. Malaysia was the second final stop in their current tour, which was to wrap up in Seoul two days after their Kuala Lumpur performance, but the band gave their best at the concert, looking just as excited and elated to be performing in the city as if it was only the beginning of their almost a year-long world tour.
The band performed four songs for their encore stage: “Burger Queen”, “Pray”, “Tsukiiro Horizon” and “Wataridori”.
Their Malaysian fans did not want the concert to end!

Just as fans were trickling out of the venue after the band – along with keyboardist Rose – bid everyone good night, Yoohei made his own “solo encore” when he suddenly reappeared to take a photo with the surprised crowd of fans, before disappearing again like a ninja.

For VIP ticket holder, the icing on the 2-hour long concert was the exclusive meet & greet and handshake session with the band themselves after the show.
The last time [ALEXANDROS] visited Malaysia, they promised to return. They made good on that promise with this second concert, during which Yoohei once again said that they would be coming back. So good news for the band’s fans in Malaysia, there’s still chance of seeing them live in person again in the future!