Despite being short of one member last weekend, K-pop group Monsta X still managed to pull off a fun “Party Time” with their Malaysian Monbebe.

Performing 22 songs in total for a duration of about two hours, the group entertained the fans throughout with their slick dance moves, hard-hitting songs and rib-tickling humour. Technically, the group had 23 performances prepared but seeing that Wonho was absent, Shownu was unable to hold their unit’s special stage, “Mirror”.

Shownu did showcase a small portion of it, showing off his dance skills, which left the members in awe. “So this is what fans see. So sexy. We usually don’t get to see this,” Kihyun remarked while Joohoney stared in exaggerated admiration, since the other members who are not performing would usually have to be backstage and won’t get a chance to see other units’ live performance.

Humour was not in short supply throughout the concert, such as everyone giving Hyungwon a “mental breakdown” as they pressured him to do his best flying kiss for the fans, or Minhyuk explaining why he, Hyungwon and Kihyun are in the same unit performing a cover of Bazzi’s “Myself”.

“We’re the ETC,” he said.

 “Shownu and Wonho show off their dance skills in their unit, Joohoney and I.M (who performed “3HYTHM”) show off their rapping skills in their unit, and we’re just…the ‘et cetera’,” he finished with a grin, making his unit members laugh just as hard as the fans.

Monsta X seen here encouraging their fans to sing along.

Songs the group performed at their first solo concert in Malaysia included tracks like “Shoot Out”, “Hero” and “Trespass” that really showcase their dance moves and raps, to slower songs like “Honestly” and “Sweetheart” that showcased their vocals more.

Even though the other members weren’t as fluent in English as I.M, they still chattered away happily in Korean to their fans in between performances and kept the atmosphere generally hyped up and entertaining.

Shownu told fans that since all seven members had previously performed at the same venue, Stadium Malawati, for a show with other K-pop stars, they had been hoping to come back with their own concert. Their wish partially came true, to fulfill it, they will have to return in the future with Wonho in tow as well.

Plenty of big screens so everyone in the crowd could see Monsta X from every angle.

Wonho was unable to join his fellow members it was discovered upon the group’s arrival at KLIA that he has lost his passport.

The band’s management company, Starship Entertainment, issued an official statement stating that the singer was immediately flown back to South Korea for a temporary passport but there was no available flight for an immediate return to Malaysia before the concert. Wonho nevertheless boarded a later flight and was able to participate in post-concert events before the band flew back to Korea the next day.