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With her ripped jeans and black cropped top, Maggie Lindemann was ready to rock out with her Malaysian fans.

The 20-year-old (turning 21 next month) was the first international star to perform at the new and upgraded The Bee at Publika Shopping Gallery.

She showed off her strong vocals as she belted off song after song, even bringing her guitar on stage at one point, a smile decorating her face as fans either screamed for her or sang along with her.
Unfortunately, the singer was unable to finish her performance due to an undisclosed emergency. (It’s not just you, Malaysian fans. The singer also has to cancel her other upcoming shows in SEA, including her Manila show at the end of the month). While this is unfortunate, Malaysian fans were still happy as they got to see and hear her live – and some even managed to snap a selfie or two with the singer before the show!
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Maggie Lindemann grabbing fans’ hands as they reached out to her while she performed.

The pop star (as well as opening act Darren Ashley) is just a taste of the many more fun shows that will be held at the venue, which was previously renowned for its indie music shows but is now expanding to other genres such as pop, techno, and punk rock. 

“We are deconstructing the way entertainment, food and beverage is currently being presented in the social scene. The team and I have been in the business for decades and the one thing we want to bring to our clientele is an avenue where they get to experience some of the best live shows and F&B on a night out,” said Rahul Kukreja, Director, Brand Partnerships & Talent Bookings.
(L-R) Grown-Up Cincau, Paloma and Amarula Shake
are some of the locally inspired signature cocktails.

Apart from having a stage that can be rearranged into any shape that suits the shows being held there (e.g. a standard rectangle stage for music shows or a long stage for fashion shows), The Bee also boasts a bar, which serves drinks such as alcohol infused milkshakes and signature cocktails, and the reinvented The Kitchen.

It’s the first-of-its-kind pop-up kitchen in Malaysia, which will happen throughout the year and host some of the most well-known brands from around the world.
As Rahul said, “It’s not just about one thing, it’s being able to enjoy everything under one roof and have an evolving experience anytime they come to The Bee.”