Aside from its funky fashion and addictive choruses, there’s one thing that K-pop is no doubt well-known for: dance.

And it’s not just the idols who have the moves, their fans are just as talented! If you’re one of these slick-moving fans, your perfect chance to show off your dance moves are here.

Just head on over to this place at this time for “K-pop Random Play Dance 2019”:
Date: 29 June 2019 (Saturday)
Time: 2pm
Venue: Sunway Velocity, Level 1 (in front of Sunway Pharmacy & World of Sunway)

While this is the first ever K-pop Random Play Dance to be held in Malaysia, most fans are no stranger to this event as it’s been held in various places such as Los Angeles, Taiwan, Bangkok and, of course, the birthplace of K-pop, South Korea.

It serves as a platform for K-pop fans to unleash their dance talent without stressing about any competition.

Organised by Yi Pin Studio, “K-pop Random Play Dance 2019” will feature performances by Mustang Dance Academy dance crews. Singer Aqeesh Aleeya and rappers Jackie, Ryuki, Eddie, Jeremy and HonFee will also be entertaining the crowd with their K-pop covers.

If you’re still unsure what K-pop Random Play Dance is all about, watch the video below and see one of today’s hottest K-pop groups, NCT 127, demonstrate it for you. (This was in New York, though, so don’t get your hopes up about seeing an actual K-pop group at the event).