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Ever since it was announced that 911 was finally coming back to Malaysia for a concert, which they’ve aptly named “The Reunion 2019 Live in Kuala Lumpur”, fans have been eagerly waiting to see the trio live in person again after nearly 20 long years.

With tickets for the concert now sold out, the ‘90s UK boyband are ready to give their Malaysian fans a “Night to Remember”.
Before the actual show this Saturday, 22 June, at Quill City Mall KL, the band first met with the local media to talk about their upcoming concert – their first in the city since the year 2000.
During the press conference, Spike, who was in Malaysia last year to set up the concert, revealed the reason why the country is their first pick for an Asian reunion concert.
“Malaysia was the first country we had a number one in. For some reason, we remember Malaysia more than most countries. We had so much fun here,” said Spike. “We’ve been dying to come back here.”
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911 was all-smiles during the press conference.

While he was in Malaysia last year, Spike also expressed interest in working with a young local singer, As’ad Motawh. Spike told TheHive.Asia in an interview session later that yes, he is working with As’ad, just as he’s been working with British singer-songwriter Andreah (who is their opening act for this weekend) but fans will have to wait and see what the singer will be bringing to the table.

As for their own concert this weekend, Lee assured that they will be singing as many songs as they can from their various albums. They’ll be hitting the nostalgic button hard as these songs will be sung as they are, no ‘facelifts’ with new arrangements involved here. 
“Fans like to hear the original, if we change the sound of it, it’s not the same,” said Lee, adding that if he goes to another artist’s concert, he also likes to hear the original songs that he fell in love with.
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911 are definitely happy to be back in Malaysia.

Since this is their first time returning to Kuala Lumpur as a band after so many years, they are looking forward to exploring the city. Understandably, they haven’t had the chance to do so. Jimmy reminisced of the time they used to stay at the Concorde Hotel, where they got to have “a few late-night parties at the Hard Rock Café next door”. 

“There’s a lot of high risers now that weren’t there before, so it’ll be nice to take a walk around,” he said of the national capital.
For 911 fans who won’t get to see the trio live tomorrow, here’s at least some good news for you – they said that they are working on new songs at the moment (maybe fans can even expect a new album?), so there’s that to look forward to in the near future!