Grinning wide while waving wildly to their Malaysian ELF, the dynamic duo of Super Junior subunit D&E said that they were happy to find out Malaysia was the first stop of the Asian leg of their solo concert tour.

“Super Junior D&E Concert [The D&E] in Kuala Lumpur”, held last Saturday at Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam, saw Lee Dong-hae and Lee Hyuk-jae, who otherwise go by Donghae and Eunhyuk, holding a concert for the first time in the country without their fellow Super Junior members.
With the duo feeding off each other’s energy, however, the 86-liners had no issue keeping everyone entertained for the whole 2 hours and 30 minutes duration of the concert.
Malaysian ELF were no doubt ecstatic to see the “Oppa, Oppa” duo, as not only was it their first solo concert in the country, the fans who attended it were also the first oversea crowd of fans to see the songs off their new third mini album “Danger” (released just three weeks before the concert in Malaysia) performed live.
Of course, they performed the title track “Danger”, along with “Jungle”, “Gloomy” and the Korean version of “Sunrise”.
The stage setup for this tour has a minimalist touch but with each concert,
Donghae and Eunhyuk never failed to entertain (Photo source: MIC Entertainment).

Being just the two of them, the setup of their stage was less extravagant as compared to Super Junior’s “Super Show” concerts. The only big props the duo used were the motorised scooters during “Motorcycle”, and the various beach props like chairs, plastic palm trees and surfboards to emulate a beach party feel onstage during a couple of the songs (there was even ramen cooking in pots, which the duo happily took a big bite from while singing).

Still, they used the big stage well, even going down the ramps on the sides of the stage to get closer to the Rock Zone fans – once while zooming around on their ‘motorcycles’ and another while shooting water guns into the crowd.
When staying put just on the main part of the stage, they would most of the time be joined by their dancers. 
The concert also had one of the more impressive lighting setups, which really helped with boosting the overall atmosphere with minimal use of props.
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The cheeky duo strikes again!
(Photo source: MIC Entertainment).

Well known for their cheekiness, both demonstrated this well by occasionally “battling” each other in their performances. But the highlight of their cheeky moment was definitely when they called out to a fan (whom they spotted leaving her seat while they were talking) and told her to go back to her seat. They jokingly reprimanded her until she sat back down while covering her face (poor girl must be dying of both embarrassment and happiness to be noticed by the duo).

“Please don’t leave,” Eunhyuk said in Korean while Donghae added in Mandarin, “You guys can’t go home today”.
Eunhyuk spoke in Korean throughout the concert, with a translator translating into English for him, because as he joked in the beginning after hearing fans responding to him, “I actually studied Malay to talk to you guys but since your Korean is so good, I’ll just stick to Korean.”
Donghae, on the other hand, took the chance to show off his English, Cantonese and Mandarin skills, never giving up even though sometimes he’d be asking, “Was that correct? You can’t understand it? Never mind!”
Going from serious and dramatic to cheerful and fun, the concert was exactly what fans have been waiting for. Wrapping up with three songs as their encore, the duo bid fans farewell with the promise to return next time with the rest of their Super Junior members.