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Malaysian actress Nadiyah Shahab already has blemish-free skin but it doesn’t hurt to learn a tip or two from beauty experts Kim Jung-min and Kim Ki-soo, who return to Malaysia once again for the second season of “Get It Beauty On the Road in Malaysia”.

Nadiyah joins the Korean actress and makeup artist this new season, taking over the local hosting duty from fellow actress Kaka Azraff.
During our recent visit to a filming of the show in Kuala Lumpur, Nadiyah talks to us and gushes that it is “a huge honour” to be part of the well-established show (it is well into its ninth season in its home country Korea).
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Nadiyah’s co-hosts: Korean makeup artist Kim Ki-soo (L)
and actress Kim Jung-min.

Since this second season of “Get It Beauty On the Road” is all about looking great for the upcoming Raya celebration, Nadiyah, who is picking up great tips from the show on how to up her makeup skills, says that she is very much in awe with the beauty techniques that Ki-soo has come up with.

“Next level Korean skills,” she calls it.
One example she gives is of how his technique of putting on highlighter makes the face look three-dimensional and younger. She admits with a laugh that she immediately put that knowledge to good use once she’s learned it.
She also admits that she doesn’t do much to her hair. As it is naturally curly, she tends to just tie it up in a ponytail. However, since finding out about Korea’s many multi-step hair care routines, she says that she is interested in learning how to take better care of her hair.
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Kim Jung-min and Nadiyah filming an episode of the show.
(Or maybe they’re just sharing each other’s hair care tips?)

Fortunately for the actress, one of the show’s focus for this season is hair care. A 3-step scalp and hair loss care solution will be revealed by the experts on the show so that even fashionistas living in humid tropical weather can effortlessly achieve luxurious and silky hair.

Aside from that, the second season will also bring back popular segments such as “Get It Do It” (makeover), “Talking Mirror” (guests’ beauty secrets), “What’s In Your Bag” (check out Malaysian girls’ handbags for their must-have beauty items) and “Blind Test” (product ranking).
A new segment, “Get It Solved”, will see Nadiyah and her fellow co-hosts visiting Malaysian girls not only to help identify their beauty issues but also give them one-on-one beauty tutorial.
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Kim Ki-soo teaches how to use peach colour for a refreshing eye look this Raya.

Even if you don’t get the chance to have your beauty issues solved in person by this trio, you can still tune in to the new season to learn more about K-beauty and how to apply it to your Raya looks. 

The second season of “Get it Beauty on the Road in Malaysia” will premiere on 27 May 2019 on Astro RIA before airing on tvN Asia on 31 May 2019. See the table below for the full schedule.

Astro RIA (Ch. 104)
tvN Asia
27 May (Mon)
31 May (Fri)
31 May (Fri)
3 June (Mon)
7 June (Fri)
7 June (Fri)
6 June (Thu)
7 June (Fri)
7 June (Fri)