After more than three years of hiatus, Taiwanese singer Show Luo will be launching his new album, “NO IDEA”, in April.

As reported on Epoch Times, the singer, who was asked about the idea behind the album title, shared lightheartedly that he has actually no idea how it came to be.

Said Show, each and every one of his 11 albums in the past had a clear theme and concept, but that he recently realised that his younger fans have different preferences when it comes to listening to music nowadays.
“I don’t want to repeat the past formula. I want to return to my original identity as a musician,” he said.
Show also shared that the songs included in his albums are the kind of music he has been listening daily.
“I don’t want to express too many ideas. “NO IDEA” has no idea and no limit. I hope to hear from fans after listening to the album,” he said.
One of the songs from this album is “NO JOKE”, which was released back in December last year.
(Photo Source: Show Luo Facebook)