After years of building her music career in Hong Kong, singer Gin Lee finally got to hold her first solo concert in her home country, Malaysia.

What made it even more memorable was the fact that not only did her family members attended the concert to show their support, they even performed together with the singer on stage!

There’s no question where the singer inherited her talents from as both her parents, as well as elder sister and brother-in-law, all showcased their musical skills during the family performance.
With her father and brother-in-law playing instruments (drums and guitar, respectively), Gin Lee performed “Give Me a Kiss” with her mother and “I Don’t Want to Be Like This” with her sister. After her father’s “My Way” solo performance, the singer sang “Hey Jude” with both her mother and her sister.
Aside from singing, Gin Lee also showed off her dancing skills.

Her family has always played a vital part in her decision to become a singer, she revealed, influenced mostly by her father and her sister. She said that she had wanted to become a doctor but her musically-inclined father objected, which set her down her current path.

The singer teared up when she recalled the hardship she faced when starting out her singing career in Hong Kong, especially as she was not fluent in the Cantonese language back then. Still, she passed the hurdle and now has a successful career in the music industry.
Only successful singers can hold fans mesmerised
throughout a two-and-a-half-hour concert.

Her “First of All” World Tour in Malaysia, held at Resorts World Genting’s Arena of Stars last weekend, kicked off at 8.30pm with the song “Overture”, followed by “Halo”, “Go With the Wind” and “There Is Alcohol this Morning”, which were all part of the “Dawn” segment of her concert.

The next segment was called “Flower Story”, featuring the songs “Story of Rose”, “Diving”, “Feng Mi” and “Next”.
An acoustic segment came next, which included “Open Sesame”, “Heartache”, “Thick Autumn”, and “Suitcase”.
Just one of the many outfits the singer changed into during the concert.

The “Family” segment was, as mentioned above, a medley of songs by the singer and her family members.

The next segment was “Summer Night”, which featured a dance medley, and the songs “Falling” and “Alien”. Last but not least was the “Flower By Itself” segment, with the songs “Very Strong”, “Zi Wo Gan Jue Hai Hao”, “Goodbye” and “I Said”.
Of course, as the fans chanted for more, the singer reappeared on stage for her encore performance, singing the songs “Fate Two Half”, “Superwoman”, “Never Be Apart” and “Finally Come Home Alone”.