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“What I love about Malaysian fans…” said British singer Calum Scott at an event in Malaysia’s capital city Kuala Lumpur yesterday. “…is that these guys love a sad song as much as I do.”

The singer continued with a laugh, “So it makes me feel like I’m in good company!”

The 30-year-old singer was at a smartphone launch party yesterday, dubbed the “Era of Live” party, where he performed some of his songs as the event’s special guest. 
Before he even strode on stage, fans were already screaming his name and it only got louder the moment he appeared and started singing “No Matter What”. The singer could be seen smiling wide as the sound of his fans later singing along with him reverberated through the hall.
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Who says Calum Scott doesn’t do cute?
As evidenced by this pose while taking a selfie with his fan.
He greeted his fans after the song and had a short Q&A session with the emcees, before playing a rapid quiz game with local singer-actress Nabila Razali. (During which he picked nasi goreng (fried rice) as his favourite Malaysian food and said that a movie that best represents him would be a James Bond movie, since he was dressed as suave as 007 that evening).
The singer continued his performance again with the song “You Are Reason” and wrapped it up with “Dancing On My Own” – it’s not a Calum Scott stage without this song!
To show his love to his Malaysian fans, one lucky fan got to take a selfie with him onstage using Samsung Galaxy A50. The smartphone, along with Samsung Galaxy A30, was officially launched in Malaysia yesterday evening during the party.
Available in three colours (white, black and blue), the smartphones can be purchased at Samsung Experience stores and Samsung Malaysia Online Store for RM1,199 (A50) and RM799 (A30).