Blue’s recent sold out concert in KL got off to a chuckle-worthy confusing start. The English boyband famous for their song “All Rise” wanted their fans to do exactly that but the security guards kept telling fans to sit back down, resulting in quite a conundrum for fans – listen to the burly guards or enjoy dancing along with their favourite band?

In the end, Blue’s commands prevailed (after having to repeatedly tell fans after each performance to get their money’s worth from the concert by enjoying it fully), they successfully got their fans standing up and dancing throughout the concert.

It must have been quite a baffling sight for the quartet to see their fans just sitting down docilely (again, security’s order), occasionally singing along very loudly to the mash-up of ‘90s hits, during Malaysian DJ Jakeman’s roughly 40-minute opening set before they came on stage.
Blue just wanted their fans to dance and
have fun at the concert (Photo source: DragonSnaps).
Lee Ryan, Antony Costa, Simon Webbe and Duncan James opened their “Live in Malaysia 2019” concert with “Sorry”, followed by “Bubblin’” and “Fly By”.
After Simon convinced fans to get back up on their feet (this was when security was still under instruction to actively tell everyone to sit down), the band continued with “Too Close (Acapella End)”, “If You Come Back” and “Hurt Lovers”.
During his turn to address the 2,400-strong crowd, Lee said that it was good to be back in Malaysia, where he and Duncan got plenty of tattoos from and in fact, where got his first tattoo done, right between his shoulder blades (Duncan jokingly asked him to show the one on his bottom).
“We promise, if you keep supporting us, we will come back again,” said Lee. The last time the band performed a concert in Malaysia was about 16 years ago.
(L-R) Simon, Duncan, Antony and Lee promised to return
if fans continued supporting them (Photo source: DragonSnaps).
Blue performed songs from their older
as well as newer albums (Photo source: DragonSnaps).

Continuing the show, the band sang “U Make Me Wanna”, “I Can” and – after Duncan took the time to make Antony hold his mic while he took off his jacket to get ready for their next performance – “Paradise”, “Flexin’” as well as “Guilty”.

“We’ve been Blue and you’ve been great!” said Antony as the band continued with “We’ve Got Tonight”, “Curtain Falls” and “Breathe Easy”.
The 80-minute concert was drawing to an end, the band performed “One Love” and “Best in Me”, then waved goodbye to their fans before leaving the stage.
Of course, there was one hit song they didn’t perform and as expected, they closed the show with it during their encore. 
Hearing fans’ roaring chants of “We want more!” reverberating throughout the halls, the quartet came back on stage to perform “All Rise” as their encore song before bidding their fans farewell – for real this time.
(Photo source: DragonSnaps)