Although he has yet to fully recover from his foot injury, Hong Kong actor Bosco Wong recently went back to shoot his new series, “Flying Tiger II”.

The actor, who appeared on location with a cast on his left foot, revealed that he will continue filming his scenes with some changes – including filming all of his scenes only from the waist up. His action scenes will also be done by his body double.

He also shared several photos and videos of how the cast and crew are accommodating his injury during filming.
In one clip, he is shown sitting down and emulating walking movements while the crew pushed him from the back. Bosco couldn’t help but laugh after doing the scene, saying that he doesn’t know how to do it well.
On the other hand, co-star Kelly Cheung also shared a photo of them doing an outdoor scene. In it, the actress can be seen walking as usual, while Bosco, who put his arms around her, was actually being pushed by a shopping trolley.
In her caption, she admitted that it was hard to hold in her laughter, and expressed hope that Bosco will recover from his injury as soon as possible.
In a previous interview, the actor shared that it would take him three months to fully recover from the injury.
(Photo Source: Kelly Cheung Instagram)