Hollywood actor Lee Pace is both nervous and excited to be working in a Hong Kong production for the first time.

According to Mingpao, “The Hobbit” actor, who appeared at the press conference of the upcoming Shaw Brothers’ series “Flying Tiger 2”, shared that he will be playing a villain in the upcoming series, and will have a lot of scenes with fellow actors Bosco Wong and Kelly Cheung.

“The biggest challenge for me would be the language. I do not understand Cantonese. But thankfully, the actors around me are very helpful and friendly,” he said.
He also revealed to have communicated online with Bosco prior to production.
When asked if the remuneration was the reason he took the job, Pace stated that he was more interested to learn the Chinese culture.
“I am interested in Hong Kong cuisine and want to try the snacks. I even brought my father to Hong Kong this time,” he said.
The upcoming drama, which is a sequel to the hit online drama of the same name, co-stars Michael Miu, Ron Ng, and Kenneth Ma.
(Photo Source: Mingpao)