Donnie Yen has recently took to social media to express his anger towards the allegations made by the production team of “Iceman: The Time Traveller” against him.

Following the producer’s recent lengthy post on Weibo about Donnie’s alleged bad behaviour during filming and refusal to cooperate with the promotional events of the said movie recently, the actor took to his Weibo account on 4 November to release a lengthy refutation as a way to defend himself.

The actor, who is currently filming the live-action version of Disney’s “Mulan” in New Zealand, stated that he is angered by the fact that the production team was only accusing him due to the poor reception of the said movie and is now using him to attract more attention to the movie.
In his 20-point response, Donnie clarified all the allegations against him, including claims that he was improvising his lines.
“The whole movie was dubbed by a voice actor [in Mandarin]. If you’re unsatisfied with the lines, why did you match the dubbing with the lines you are not satisfied with? The lines were already approved after the editing, so why are you saying that the actor is controlling the lines? Do I have the power of the gods to “control” the dubbing process? You have to have some basis for your accusations to make sense,” wrote Donnie.
As for his supposed bad behaviour, the actor stated that the producer had five years since the first film (“Iceman 3D”, which was released in 2014) to make the accusations, but instead chose to do it after the second part of the movie was released in theatres.
He also denied that he was unwilling to cooperate with the publicity efforts, adding that he was unable to attend the promotional tour due to the fact that there was no advance notice and that he is currently filming outside of China.
Donnie added that although the original post has been deleted, he still has the right to defend himself.
Lastly, he wrote, “There are many unforeseen factors in the success or failure of a movie. The experience, script, casting, main creation, declaration, schedule, and luck of the company. In the future, I can only try my best to work with only professional teams to produce excellent works that will live up to my fans’ expectation and live up to my passion for the film industry.”