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If Stadium Malawati was blazing red on Saturday because of iKONIC’s konbats, it was glowing a cool blue the very next day thanks to the light sticks brandished by WINNER’s 6,500-strong Inner Circle (you guessed it, their fans go by this name).

Last Sunday’s “WINNER 2018 Everywhere Tour in Kuala Lumpur” marked Yoon, Jinu, Hoony and Mino’s first time performing in Malaysia.

They kicked off their debut KL concert with “Empty”, followed by “AIR”, “Hello” and “Everyday”. While taking a breather, the band greeted their screaming fans in English, which, of course, only made the excited fans scream even louder.
While each of them spoke in English without reading off a prompter, they still seemed shy and reluctant to say more. Yoon did most of the talking since, like he admitted, he had been studying to improve his proficiency in the language.
The singer got to show off just how fluent his English is even when singing as he covered John Legend’s “All of Me” during his solo performance. He also sang “It Rains” and “Instinctively” as part of his special stage, which came after Mino and Jinu’s respective solo stages.
Mino showed off his leader charisma with “Body” and “Turn off the Light”, while Jinu did a powerful cover of their YG labelmate senior and Big Bang leader G-Dragon’s “Untitled, 2014”.
Hoony wrapped up their special solo stages with “Serenade” and a cover of yet another Big Bang member’s song, Taeyang’s “Ringa Linga”.
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WINNER sat down to serenade their fans with “For”.

All four on stage again, the band sang more songs from their second studio album, “EVERYD4Y”: “We Were”, “For”, “Raining” and “Movie Star”. During “For”, the members each sat on a stool with a black screen behind them as a plain background, which later turned into framed photos of beautiful girls during the next song. No longer sitting on stools for the Korean version of “Raining”, now each member stood in front of their respective screens, singing to the image of the girl moving around on each screen.

They then moved on to “Immature”, “Love Me Love Me” and “Special Night”. Fans were especially eager to sing along to “Island” and “Really Really”, undoubtedly two of their most well-loved songs. The band wrapped up with “Lala” before disappearing backstage.
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WINNER taking a photo with their Inner Circle during their encore stage.

Fans who really, really loved “Really Really” were lucky because they get to listen to it twice that evening as WINNER returned on stage for their encore stage, which included the song sandwiched between the performances of “Don’t Flirt” and “Luxury”.

The band ended their 2-hour long concert with a remixed version of “Everyday”.  
Before leaving the stage, Yoon apologised for their English, saying that they really wanted to communicate with their fans so they tried their best to speak a language that the fans would easily understand. 
With reassurance from the fans that their English was okay, the band smiled wide and waved goodbye to everyone, wrapping the second and final day of the back-to-back K-Pop concerts organised by MacpiePro for last weekend.
(Photo source: YG ENTERTAINMENT)