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After the success of his sold out three-day concert in Malaysia earlier this year, Cantopop legend Jacky Cheung returned last weekend for another three days of song and dance just for his Malaysian fans.

The singer’s “A Classic Tour” encore concert was held from 5 to 7 October at Axiata Arena Bukit Jalil.

While we didn’t get to go to all three nights, we did have the pleasure of attending the opening night. With the dazzling performances and Jacky’s showmanship, there’s no surprise that his concerts keep selling out.
On his signature square stage that’s open and surrounded by fans on all four sides, the singer performed a total of 25 songs, or technically more, since one of his encore songs was a medley of his popular hits.
The concert’s highlight was the moment when he picked a lucky couple from the crowd towards the end of the concert to give them a special gift. (More on this later).
Opening with “Wo He Ni”, the singer mesmerised with his every performance. With a stage setup that was of topnotch quality, every song was accompanied with a beautiful stage setting.
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Jacky singing on top of a ‘building’ while a dancer danced on the next one.

One moment Jacky was singing atop a tall building (a raised platform rose from the stage and the screens on its sides displayed images of lit windows), and the next he was in a boat (it appeared from below the stage, which was comprised of many movable rising platforms that could either give the stage a level, flat surface or turn it into a jagged, uneven terrain), circling the ‘lake’ in it as the stage rotated clockwise.

Adding to the lake illusion was the beautiful lighting, the gentle rippling effect on the stage floor made it seem as though it’s turned into a calm, moonlit body of water.
The same lighting technique was again used in a ‘rainy’ performance. As the screens (which emerged from above the stage) displayed images of rain falling from the sky, the lighting created ripple effects on the stage floor, mimicking raindrops.
The various screens, be it from the top or below the stage, helped transform the stage and ‘transport’ Jacky and his fans to various places (a pub, a lava-filled terrain, etc.) without ever leaving the hall.
Sometimes there were props on stage – a bed, a couch, a monster or two – but even if there weren’t, the lighting alone, which at times pulsed and vibrated along to the beat, was enough to create stunning visual aesthetics. Laser sharp lighting lent a futuristic touch, while the floating balls of lights during the “Bu Jing Bu Jie” and “Cun Feng Qiu Yu” performances gave off an ethereal, fairy tale-like feel. 
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The light bathed the crowd of fans cheering Jacky on during the concert.

Jacky didn’t stop a lot for talks between songs but when he did stop to address his fans, he’d engage with everyone for about 20 minutes before entertaining them with songs again. He spoke in Cantonese throughout the show, first asking his fans if it was okay and smiled wide when they said yes.

During his longest intermission, though he’d just entertained his fans for about two hours, the generous singer still had more to give. 
Earlier during one of the songs, the cameraman randomly focused on couples in the crowd; some were caught unaware, some kissed, some made cute and funny poses.
Now Jacky picked one of the couples with the most lovey dovey pose and to them, he presented an autographed and framed photo of them as they were caught on camera earlier.
Friday’s show was a great kickoff for the weekend-long encore concert, no doubt his fans enjoyed the Saturday and Sunday shows that followed as well.