After the short-lived Tiffin Food Court event back in December 2017, many were saddened to find that they didn’t even get the chance to experience the event.

This time around – in what we would aptly describe as a foodie-meets-hipster-hangout-den pop-up – Tiffin Food Court is back with a vengeance and an even longer run period.

Running since 30 August and planned for up to 21 October 2018, every Thursday to Sunday, from 5pm till late, attendees would just need to get themselves to Gasket Alley in Petaling Jaya (Jalan 13/6, Seksyen 13), as the former military warehouse directly behind it has been taken over for this event.

Organised by the peeps behind Urbanscapes (Freeform), the 8-week long fiesta features over 50 vendors and partners that will be taking turns over the weekends, so each week would offer something different!

Admission is free so bring over the fam, as it is open to people of all ages!

But before that, here’s what you can expect based on our Tiffin Food Court experience when we dropped by on opening day! 

1. Food, food, and… food!

Actually, we didn’t even have to tell you this… because, like, duh, right? It’s obviously a foodie paradise, but we just wanted an excuse to share these mouth-watering photos of food!



For the opening weekend, attendees got to experience food from stalls run by Ngouu By Chef Liang, Lucky Cuisine Restaurant 吉祥川味馆, Bowls of Steel By Jun, Chef Malcolm Goh, Tanuki Raw (SG), Pulp by Papa Palheta, Pizza Lab, Aunty Manju’s, Shawarma King, Mom’s BBQ KL, Softsrve, Define: Burgers, and more.

2. Insta-worthy photo ops at every corner.


The Tiffin Food Court is basically a warehouse that has been converted into a Malaysian food court experience unlike any other. From seemingly floating Japanese Kabuki mask lanterns on the ceiling, to neon facades all balanced with pretty plants providing moments of lush greenery, every corner is a sight to behold. Just bring out your best cameras and prepare to flood your Instagram with OOTD photos.

3. Make new friends at the communal makan spaces.


With several places to hangout in the huge space, there is more than one communal seating area to hang with your friends or make a couple of new ones! Air conditioned and with decent toilets in the vicinity, things can get pretty comfy around here, so you might just make a whole night out of it.

4. Bubble tea beer. Wait. What?!


Need we say more? Even we can’t brain this combination… but try it yourselves, cause it’s weirdly awesome!

5. Cashless system. (Just like Hari Kantin back in school. Nostalgic lah!)



Upon entering the premises, you or a member of your party would have to register by the door. Upon doing so, you will be handed a wristband and you can top it up with cash as much as you wish. When ordering your food, all you have to do is to let the vendors tap your band in order to pay, and you’ll also be notified of much you’ve left. Top up whenever, just look for the strategically place ‘Top Up’ booths. Instead of coupons like back in school, now technology makes this so simple and cool, yo!

6. Herb up your own meals!


One of the cutesy things we noticed was that most of the tables featured a bunch of plants on it and get this… they’re edible! That’s right, thanks to the fellas from Eats, Shoots & Roots, you have your very own herb station to garnish your food with. From lemon balm to thai basil, it’s ‘thyme’ to go crazy with flavours! (see what we did there, ehehe).

7. Get your groove on, on the dance floor.


If you’ve made it this far down the list, you’ve figured that this isn’t your typical food court. So, no surprises that there’s a dedicated section for a DJ station and dance floor to get your groove on (cause we all need to burn that calories somehow, kan?)

8. Mini-golf dates.

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How many mini-golf courses do we have in the Klang Valley area? You don’t have to answer that cause it’s a rhetorical question, but just so you know, there’s a sweeeeet mini-golf course area in the warehouse where you can casually show off your skillz to your hot date!

(Photos: Tiffin Food Court Facebook)