As an adult, we are dealing with all kind of responsibilities and stresses like family obligations, internal health and work stresses. Once a while, we just want to lepas geram and do whatever our heart desires.

Below are five easy and fun ways to give yourself a short-escape from adulthood and feel what it’s like to be a kid again – no worries and every day is all about having fun!
Take yourself back to your childhood with some pop-pop and sparkles

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Whenever any festive season rolls around, we hear the BANG-BANG-BOOM of fireworks and firecrackers!

It totally brings back memories of enjoying them when we were kids. We know, we know, fireworks are illegal in Malaysia, but did you know that there are two types of ‘approved’ explosive firecrackers?

Yup, grab yourself some Happy Boom Fireworks or Pop Pop Snappers from the nearest kedai runcit and just go wild

Chase after Mat Kool ice-cream motorcycle

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Mat Kool, Mat Kool kawanku. 
Mari kita ikut, Mat Kool. 
Main-main selalu.
Syoknya syoknya ada Mat Kool!

As a Malaysian, you must be familiar with the tunes that play when the ice cream uncle rides around your neighbourhood. We’ve all probably chased after an ice cream man in our lives. Relive that childhood feeling by doing that the next time an ice cream uncle passes by.

Spend the day playing your favourite childhood games

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Spend a week night or a weekend with your friends or family playing the games you played as a child; Batu Seremban, lompat getah, Pepsi-Cola, the bottle cap game or even police and robbers. You could even head over to the nearest KK Mart and get a deck of Happy Family or Snap too!

Go to the padang near your house and play EVERYTHING 

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But please don’t fight with a child over the swing, and maybe take your younger siblings or nephews or nieces for this one too. Better yet, get a whole picnic basket ready and spend the evening there!. 

Celebrate a festival with your friends by embracing little traditions

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The next celebration coming up in Malaysia is the Mid-Autumn Festival, which is the Chinese harvest festival in the 8th month of the lunar calendar. So, embrace your inner child and watch a lion dance and dragon performance or join a lantern-making workshop.

And who could forget the biggest tradition of the festival: MOONCAKES. If your inner child is feeling adventurous, check out Duria Mooncakes’ Musang King Durian Snowy Mooncakes.

Duria Mooncakes come in different flavours from classic durian to other quirky flavors, like White Coffee Durian and Blueberry Cheese Durian that will fulfil your sweet cravings!

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