Last year, Malaysian actor Fattah Amin proved that he also has a nice set of pipes to go with his good looks.
To further seal his future as a popular singer, Fattah Amin has now officially signed as a 360 artiste under Universal Music Malaysia (UMM), who will now cover all his management rights through social media, music, movie, TV, endorsements, advertisements and sponsorships.
“Not many people can crossover from acting to singing and do it as well as Fattah did. We want to help elevate his talent to the international level now, under the guidance of Universal Music Malaysia,” said UMM’s Managing Director of Malaysia & Singapore, Kenny Ong, in a press statement.
Fattah is now preparing to release his full album in 2019.
Before that, he will first drop his latest single this November.
“It feels almost surreal that I’m here today, and I get to do what I love, alongside the people I love,” said Fattah. 
Fattah Amin’s first single with UMM was this year’s “Syawal Kali Ini”
(Photo source: Fattah Amin’s Instagram).
The “Suri Hati Mr. Pilot” star debuted in the music scene with his first single “Wanita Terakhir” in 2017. Aside from garnering nearly 4 million views on YouTube to date, the song has also been named the Top Performing Song on the Recording Industry Association of Malaysia (RIM) charts last year, alongside fellow singer, Hael Husaini.
He followed it up with “Cinderella”, recorded together with his now wife Fazura, who also recently signed as a 360 artiste under UMM.
His last single was “Syawal Kali Ini”, which garnered almost 220 thousand views in less than a month. Released in May this year, the song was his first collaboration with UMM.
(Photo source: Fattah Amin’s Instagram)