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K-Food Fair 2018 was officially launched at Sunway Pyramid Mall yesterday, with plenty of Korean food such as ramyun, Pepero and more available at the event for K-foodies to taste and purchase.

The scrumptious food may be the highlight of the event but on opening day, the venue was crowded for another reason – Korean-American singer Eric Nam was one of the performing guests!

Fans were not kept waiting long as even before his scheduled 7.00pm appearance, Eric was already at the venue, bounding excitedly for the stage as he greeted his ecstatic fans. This being his second time in the tropical country, he was understandably excited to see his Malaysian fans again.
“Do you know the song “Don’t Call Me”?” The singer asked and was all smile as his fans shouted out “Yes!”.
He was gearing up to perform the said song when “Potion” started playing instead. Unfazed, the K-pop sensation kicked off the show with “Potion” and followed it up with the promised “Don’t Call Me”. Other songs he performed for the evening included “Can’t Help Myself”, “This Is Not A Love Song”, “Good For You”, and “Honestly”.
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Eric said that he’d like to come back and ‘party’ with his Malaysian fans again.
He took the time to interact with his fans in English in between each song and since it was a food-related event, he also took the chance to promote Korean food by asking the enthusiastic crowd what his favourite food was.
Teok-bokki, kimchi jigae, and soju (this answer made him chuckle) were among the answers shouted out by his fans.
After performing several of his songs for about half an hour, the singer took a short break before returning to the stage for the fansign event with 50 lucky fans.
To be held until this Sunday, other activities at the K-Food Fair 2018 include Korean culture performances, gift event, open kitchen and Korean food test, and appearance by local artist Ismail Izzani on Day 3 (4 August).