Hong Kong singer Eason Chan recently admitted that he originally planned to sign a new artiste to his company, EAS Music before deciding on Eric Kwok.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who attended his contract renewal event and the subsequent unveiling of EAS’ first artiste, stated that he hesitated at first about signing Eric since he wanted his first artiste to be a new star with big strong voice.

“A newcomer is like a white canvas [that you can paint on], but unfortunately we didn’t find one. On the other hand, Eric is one of the top five singers in my mind,” he said.
Eason also stated that he decided on Eric because the music producer has great ideas when it comes to making music. 
“He won’t find a company that get him 100 percent, but I appreciate and understand him better,” he said.
On the other hand, Eric joked that Eason is just helping out a friend by signing him to EAS Music.
“He really didn’t need to sign me. His team is very capable. But I am thankful to him for singing praises about me,” he said.
As for his singing career, Eric lightheartedly said that he has already gave all the hard songs to Eason instead.
(Photo Source: ST Headline)