Like WJSN sang, it was a ‘dream come true’ for Malaysian K-Pop fans at last weekend’s K-Wave 3 Music Festival as they got to see their favourite K-Pop stars live at the 3-hour long fun-filled concert.

WJSN opened the concert at around 8pm with their song “Dreams Come True”, looking like adorable anime schoolgirls come to life in their matching uniforms. After singing “Secret”, they greeted the crowd, made up of 7,000 screaming fangirls and fanboys.

The girl group sang two more songs, “I Wish” and “Starry Moment”, before giving way to solo singer and rising star Jeong Sewoon to take the stage.
WJSN captivating fans with their cute concept.
Jeong Sewoon showed off his various charms at the concert.

The “Produce 101” season 2 alum has shed his shy demeanour, appearing more confident and friendly as he greeted his fans and said that though he was a solo singer, he was also known as Team Jeong Sewoon thanks to his many stage personas. 

The 21-year-old could easily transition from being a romantic singer to a sexy singer to a cute one, as evidenced by his performances that evening. 
The singer opened with “20 SOMETHING” before performing his ‘sexy stage’ “Toc Toc” and wrapping up with “Irony” and “Just U”.
AOA heating up the stage with their performances.

Up next was girl group AOA, looking the embodiment of summer with their denim shorts and cropped tops. Chanmi, Jimin, Seolhyun, Hyejeong and Yuna apologised for Mina’s absence, who had been admitted into a hospital, but they more than make up for it with their energetic stage and cute yet sexy songs.

AOA performed “Bingle Bangle”, “Excuse Me”, “Bing Bing”, “Like A Cat”, “Miniskirt”, and “Heart Attack”. Just like the two acts before them (and the four after), the girls performed some of the songs on the main stage and some on the extended T-shaped stage.
After them, came Boyfriend, who was performing in Malaysia for the first time since they debuted 7 years ago. The 6-piece boyband was supposed to have made their first visit during their “Bewitched” tour in 2015 but the mini concert was unfortunately cancelled.
Needless to say, their Best Friends (Boyfriend’s fanclub name) were elated to finally see their favourite idols in Malaysia.
Being the charismatic leader that he is, Donghyun even gave directions to his fellow members Hyunseong, Jeongmin, Minwoo and twins Youngmin and Kwangmin on where they should begin greeting their fans. They greeted first the rock zone fans before waving to the ones at the right, front and left of the stage.
Boyfriend finally got to meet their Malaysian fans.
EXID looking very colourful and very cheerful.

After performing “Star”, “Obsession”, “I’ll be there”, and “I Yah”, Boyfriend made way for EXID, who, like AOA, was also missing one member that evening. Leader Solji was still recovering from her recent throat treatment, so it was up to Hani, Jeonghwa, LE and Hyelin to entertain the crowd. 

From the beginning, it was already entertaining indeed when the girl group was supposed to have burst onto the stage from behind curtained entryways but while the other three members had no problem doing so,  Hyelin couldn’t open the curtains (she explained to the crowd later) and had to be helped by a staff. Hani was giggling throughout their first song, “Lady”, as she noticed Hyelin’s struggle to enter the stage.
EXID sang “DDD”, “Night Rather Than Day”, “Ah Yeah”, “Hot Pink”, and of course, their biggest hit “Up & Down” as their finale, with the whole stadium singing along to the catchy chorus.
Monsta X looking sleek in their matching white suits.

Monsta X was up next, bowing in with “Dramarama”, before moving on to “From Zero”, “White Love”, “Be Quiet”, and “Special” and wrapping up with “Jealousy”.

Shownu, Wonho, Minhyuk, Hyungwon, Jooheon, Kihyun, and I.M. might not look like they were club-ready in their spiffy white suits but they performed bass thumping dance songs that got the crowd moving along to the beat too.
The last act of the night was the instrument-playing FT Island. Since it took some time to set up the equipment for their stage, there was a short break for the emcee to announce the lucky draw winners and do a short Q&A session with the fans, who gave various wishes and shout outs to their favourite K-Pop stars of the evening.
FT Island rocking the stage in Malaysia once again.

Last but not least, FT Island entered the stage, opening with “Pray”. Frontman Hong-gi impressed as always with his strong vocals, while leader Jong-hoon and Seung-hyun showed off their guitarist skills, and Jae-jin was on bass and even took up most of the singing duty too, and Minhwan showed off his drum skills.

Their Primadonnas (Ft Island’s fanclub name) were undoubtedly happy to see the return of the band, whose last concert in Malaysia was supposed to be in 2016 but was unfortunately cancelled.
The band rocked the stage with their songs “Out of Love”, “Summer Night Dream”, “Champagne”, and “The Night”, before playing the final song of the night, “Take Me Now”.
While this time there was no surprise announcement at the end of the concert like at K-Wave 2 Music Festival, there was, however, a reminder for fans of the upcoming back-to-back concerts of iKON and WINNER, which will also be organised by Macpiepro.