“Please don’t cry, we will come back!” Korean girl group TWICE promised their fans, better known as ONCEs, who had been looking forward to seeing them perform live in KL last weekend.

Unfortunately, the group’s “TWICELAND ZONE 2: Fantasy Park in Kuala Lumpur” concert was cancelled less than 24 hours before it was scheduled to be held.

Instead of happily cheering on their favourite girl group at the concert that was scheduled for the evening of 28 July, ONCEs were left crying with the girls instead on that day as all nine members departed from Malaysia’s KLIA and made their way back to Korea.
TWICE arrived in Malaysia last Friday, even taking the time to meet with the media to discuss their Saturday concert, looking visibly excited for it.
However, around 10.46pm on Friday, JYP Entertainment announced on social media the last-minute cancellation of the concert, surprising and disappointing the ONCEs who had been anticipating the group’s live performance.
IMG 9711wm
TWICE at the press conference held at JW Marriot Hotel KL last Friday.
IMG 9673wm
The girl group shared that they had prepared their comeback song
“Dance The Night Away” and several sub-unit performances for the concert.

The group’s Instagram account, which at first documented their happy journey to Malaysia, was updated with a video of the group cheering up their fans following the cancellation.

Saying that they were excited since this was their first time meeting Malaysian ONCEs, something beyond their imagination had happened instead and they were saddened by it. But they promised that they would return to Malaysia and expressed their gratitude for the fans who had been waiting for them.
Japanese member Sana, who’s visited the country back before she debuted in TWICE, also posted a photo of hers and apologised for the unexpected situation. She ended the post with “Saya sayang awak” (‘I love you’ in Malay).
Safety issue with the venue was stated as the reason for the concert’s cancellation.
There is no full disclosure of the said safety issue though fans had been speculating online it could be due to faulty stage settings, which prompted JYPE to cancel the concert to avoid the girl group from being harmed during their concert.
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Jihyo (far right) said that she hoped they would be able to return to Malaysia as TWICE in 10 years’ time
(but maybe now they’ll have to come back sooner than that, considering what’s happened).