This Friday the 13th things are sure to heat up in Kuala Lumpur when Daughtry brings back the rock ‘n’ roll on stage for the second time.

Which brings one to think of what songs the ex-“American Idol” finalist and his band will be performing that night.

Supporting their upcoming studio album and their latest single “Backbone”, we’re sure that fans will get a sneak peek of the band’s new songs, but we also hope to hear our list of the Top 5 best Daughtry hits below:


Daughtry’s second single shows that the band has a lot of heart and soul. Its resonance captures the melancholy feeling of being homesick and it’s super catchy too!

“It’s Not Over”

Certified Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America, “It’s Not Over” is an energetic hit that makes listeners blaze with positivity. It’s a certified rock anthem, that’s for sure.

“Over You”

A lot of people get the titles for this and the hit before this mixed up, but we can guarantee that these two songs sound completely different! “Over You” is written as a powerful goodbye song to an ex-lover and gives that emotional kick to help you move on.

“What About Now” 

Hear frontman Chris Daughtry sing his heart out with this one. Moments of his “American Idol” greatness is immortalised in this song as it showcases his gritty vocal range.


A sign of a good rock band is knowing when to dial things down and still sound pretty damn awesome. This rock ballad is simple, but shows you just how talented these guys can be at crafting great meaningful songs.

Tickets for Daughtry live in Malaysia are available for purchase at https://goo.gl/4VuUSp#05.

See you this Friday, 13 July at 8.30pm at KL Live!