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Rania was the “Dr” who made their fans “feel good” at the first ever tour they did in Malaysia last weekend.

From 29 June to 1 July 2018, the South Korean girl group held their “Rania & You Promo Tour Party in Malaysia 2018” in the country, visiting their fans in Penang and Kuala Lumpur.

TheHive.Asia managed to catch them during the last leg of their Malaysian tour, held at KL Gateway Mall Kuala Lumpur yesterday, 1 July.
“We know from SNS (social media) that we have fans in Malaysia. Yesterday (in Penang) was our first showcase in Malaysia and our fans gave us a warm welcome. We’re really thankful,” said leader Jieun, giving the customary bow and smiling cheerily to show her appreciation towards their fans.
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(L-R) Namfon, Zi.U, Hyeme (in orange), Ttabo and Jieun
performed five songs in total for their fans.
Jieun, along with her fellow Rania members Zi.U, Ttabo, Hyeme and newest addition, the Thai-born Namfon, performed five songs in total, opening the show with their 2011 debut song “Dr Feel Good”, followed by “Style”, “Make Me Ah”, Breathe Heavy” and “Start A Fire”.
Aside from captivating the audience with their smooth dance moves and strong vocals, the group also played a game with five lucky fans and later held a photo session as well as a fansign session for their fans who’ve waited a long time for their eventual visit to Malaysia.  
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Rania playing the “Copy Me” game with their fans.
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During the fansign session towards the end of the event.
Also, at the event, the group was asked about their upcoming album and Zi.U replied, “The songs from our last album, the title song was very different from the concept we’ve done before but for our upcoming album, we’re going back to the style that Rania is known for.”
 So A1ST, hang tight, Rania will be back better than ever with an upcoming album soon!