Louisa Mak recently denied that she was deeply affected by her recent wardrobe malfunction.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress previously made a blunder when she forgot that her shirt was unbuttoned while bending over to check on her camera during a live online session, prompting her to delete the video altogether soon after.

The media had since reported about the mishap, and claimed that the former Miss Hong Kong was terribly embarrassed and stressed by the mistake.
However, in the latest live session, where she showed off her piano skill, Louisa revealed to her viewers that she is doing fine.
“There were reports that I was stressed and had an emotional breakdown after the previous incident. In fact, there is no such thing. Everything is normal,” she said.
As for her previous Instagram post following the incident, where she talked about not letting her see herself as something different, Louisa said that it was just something that she wanted to say.
“I am okay,” she reiterated.
However, Louisa did wear a tank top on her latest video instead of a buttoned shirt, just to be safe.
(Photo Source: Louisa Mak Instagram)