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After a decade, Daughtry finally stepped foot in Malaysia again for a one-night only show at KL Live at Life Centre.

The American rock band opened their long-awaited show in Kuala Lumpur at around 8.30pm last Friday evening with “Just Found Heaven”, a song off their upcoming album “Cage to Rattle”.

The 6-piece band followed it up with “Feels like Tonight” and “Battleships” off their older albums, before circling back to their 2018 releases “Backbone” and “Deep End”.
Their tracklist for the roughly 90-minute show was a mixture of their older hits and yet-to-be released songs. “Back In Time” was another upcoming release, while other songs include “Baptized” and “Waiting for Superman” (2013 album, “Baptized”), and “September” (2009 album, “Leave This Town”).
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Daughtry performing their old hits as well as upcoming songs at their recent concert in KL.
During the interlude, as frontman Chris Daughtry rested his vocals, lead guitarist Josh Steely, bass guitarist Josh Paul, rhythm guitarist Brian Craddock, keyboardist Elvio Fernandes and drummer Brandon Maclin entertained the enthusiastic crowd with their rocking instrumental stage. 
After performing “Breakdown” from Daughtry’s eponymous 2006 debut album, the band also did a cover of U2’s “With or Without You”.
“Let’s take this crowd back in time. Let’s take them back to 2006,” Chris said, as a way of introduction for arguably the band’s two biggest hits ever, “It’s Not Over” and “Home”.
It wasn’t a complete letdown that they did not perform “Over You” as Chris strummed away a short tune of it on his acoustic guitar, calling for the fans to join in singing and the loud shout of “A long, long time ago!” immediately filled the hall. 
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Fans getting an up-close-and-personal front row view of Chris Daughtry.
Chris said that he was happy to be back in Malaysia after ten long years. He apologised that it took the band that long to finally return but promised that their next visit would come sooner.
“If you tell two of your friends how cool we are, and they tell two of their friends, and so on, we might come back in 5 years instead of 10,” the singer joked. 
So spread the love, you might just see Daughtry back in KL soon instead of having to wait another decade for it!