Taiwanese actress Ady An recently expressed delight over the invitation to participate in the film adaptation of her hit 2004 drama, “The Outsiders”.

As reported on Epoch Times, the actress, who was seen at the shooting location with lead stars Gingle Wang and Charles Lin, said that she immediately became nostalgic upon meeting producer Ke Yi-qin and director Ke Han-chen – who previously helmed the television project and are now doing the same for the movie.

“It’s like I was time-travelling to the past, back to 15 years ago,” she said.
Speaking about her role as Xiao Yanzi in the original drama, Ady believed that the success of the role was because she understood the character and related with her very much.
“I didn’t understand anything when I first started out in the business. I was just like Xiao Yanzi at the time, a high school student who is clueless about the future,” she said.
Ady also stated that it was because of that experience that she was very attentive of the new cast, hoping that they would do well.
“The Outsiders” revolves around three delinquents who end up joining the triads in order to protect a girl loved by one of them. The original cast included Dylan Kuo, Blue Lan and Michael Zhang.
(Photo Source: NOWnews)