Taiwanese singer Show Lo has recently unveiled his six-member boy band, CTO.

As reported on Epoch Times, in an Instagram post published nearly a week ago, Show revealed that the idea of the band, short for Create Top One, was first established in 2015.

“In the summer of the same year, I held the “100% Entertainment” Show Star idol tournament, and selected some boys who I thought were good enough to begin training,” wrote Show.

The singer admitted that it was a difficult three years for the members, who had to train in different areas of entertainment every day, from singing, dancing, to acting.

“Although they have made rapid progress throughout the year, I always feel that they are missing something,” he added.

Show said that he held another audition after a year, and added new faces to the group.

“It made me feel a step closer to my original dream. At the time, I thought the members had basically been finalised,” he said.

The singer revealed that at the end of 2017, he had to eliminate half of the people he had taken in, leaving the group with only four. He then added another two performers from previous selections to finally form CTO.

“CTO, today is the day you are officially meeting everyone. Actually, there have been many shows and opportunities that have come for a cooperation with you, but I rejected them. Why? Because I think you guys are not ready yet. I don’t want to present something that I am yet to be satisfied with. After all, I have showered a lot of my efforts on you,” wrote Show.

He added that the group is not just a project he has to present to the public, but that he regarded the group as his own children that he cultivated.

“I hope that you will rely on your own efforts and strengths to make everyone like you and not just rely on my strength. Take off, my children. Please carry the dream to create something that belongs to you,” he said.

The upcoming group, consisting of members Yu Ching, Hollis Yang (Yang Zi-xin), Snoopy (Zhan Shi-wei), J.Win, (Li Zhen-wei), Williams (Wang Zi-ning), and Sean (Xue En) reportedly will be releasing their first single on 27 June.

(Photo Source: Show Lo Instagram)