Action superstar Jackie Chan has recently released his song, “Qing Chun Gu Shi” (“Youth Story”), which he previously performed at his JC Stunt Team 40th anniversary celebration.

The actor, who uploaded the song on his blog shared, “From the very beginning as one of the “Seven Little Fortunes” to establishing my JC Stunt Team, these people have accompanied me during my childhood and youthful years. Today, I’d like to share with you some of these old photos.”

Some of the photos, which he shared on Weibo, include a photo from his childhood with his parents, several photos of him with his stunt team and the Seven Little Fortunes, as well as one photo of him with wife, Joan Lin.

“Every single photo is a precious and unforgettable piece of memory, telling a story of when I was young. Now it’s your turn to tell me, who do you think of after listening to my song? What is your childhood story that comes to mind?” he added.

(Photo Source: Jackie Chan Facebook)