Hong Kong singer-actress Irene Wan recently professed her love for husband Kenneth Ho at her first ever solo concert, “Sea Tide”.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who received a bouquet from her husband on stage during her performance, opened up about their relationship to her audience, saying, “I have experienced a lot of things with him. He continues to support me through ups and downs and gives me a lot of freedom. Everybody knows how headstrong I am, but he continues to give me encouragement.”

Dedicating the song “Courage” to Kenneth, Irene stated that courage is needed in love so that the two parties will be able to stay together through thick and thin.
Speaking about her husband after the show, Irene said that it was a no-brainer that she should thank her husband at her concert for everything that he has done for her.
“He tolerates me. I am a straightforward person who often hurt people around me without any intention. With him, I slowly learned to change my character,” she said.
The couple went through a rough patch last year that ended with them taking a break from their relationship for four months. Irene later revealed that she and Kenneth decided to make their marriage work, admitting that she learned to cherish their relationship in the four months they were away from each other.
(Photo Source: Irene Wan Facebook)