Chinese pop idol Huang Zitao (also known as Tao) recently announced that he is going on an indefinite break after working non-stop for the past few months.

As reported on Sina, the singer announced the news through his social media account on 24 June, saying, “I can finally put down my phone and movie script. I don’t need to dance anymore or use the producer card. Get out of this noisy city and go to a quiet place to stay and make music.”

It is noted that Tao has been working on two reality shows for the past few months, “Street Dance of China” and “Produce 101”, with the latter taking up most of his time due to his role as the nation’s producer.
The singer also admitted that after working on the two shows, he now realised how much he cherishes singing and acting.
“Filming is more peaceful, and music makes me happiest,” he said.
Finally, Tao thanked his co-stars and colleagues, and express his hope that the fans will let him “disappear” for a while so that he could return with something fresh.
(Photo source: Huang Zitao’s Instagram)