Anyone who’s well-versed in the fighting game “Street Fighters” would easily recognise the names Justin Wong, Martin “Marn” Phan and Ryan “Filipino Champ” Ramirez.

The three professional American players are participating in the “Power Rangers: Legacy Wars” exhibition at the upcoming Amazon Mobile Masters 2018, according to The Esports Observer.

Wong, Marn and Filipino Charm will be going up against three of the world’s best “Legacy Wars” players at the exhibition held by mobile developer nWay, who has recently partnered with “Street Fighters” developer Capcom to add the fighting game characters into “Legacy Wars”.
The “Power Rangers” exhibition aims to promote “Legacy Wars” to “Street Fighters” players. It’ll help build the mobile fighting game’s reputation as a legitimate esport, especially with three well-respected “Street Fighters” pros playing it.
“I do think the potential is there because majority of people already have access to a smartphone that can play games and I do believe that “Power Rangers” gameplay is simple enough for anybody to pick it up and try to become the best,” said Wong, who, like Marn and Filipino Charm, is a former Evolution Championship Series (Evo) champion. 
Mobile esports haven’t exactly received warm welcomes from Western fans. It is still met with skepticism despite its success in Asian markets, where there are already TV shows based on esports and two mobile titles included at the 2018 Asian Games.
As such, events like Mobile Masters have the capacity to boost the credibility of mobile esports.
Mobile Masters, organised by Amazon, features a variety of mobile esports titles, since it is intended to showcase GameOn, Amazon’s service that allows the integration of esports competitions into a developer’s game client.
This year, Amazon is providing a USD100,000 prize pool, to be shared by “Power Rangers: Legacy Wars”, “Survival Arena”, “World of Tanks Blitz”, and “Critical Ops”. The “Power Rangers: Legacy Wars” portion of the prize pool gets an extra boost from nWay and its partnership with esports crowdfunding platform, Matcherino.
Mobile Masters 2018 is taking place from 23 to 24 June in Seattle, Washington.